Marc Broussard
SOS 4: Blues For Your Soul
Keeping The Blues Alive

Smooth As Silk, Lush and Well Considered Blues For The Modern Age

Marc Broussard brings together another mix of Blue’s greats for the fourth SOS Blues album in the series.
Eagerly egged on by producer Joe Bonamassa, Marc skilfully blends his soulful voice into a range of standards with a healthy roster of guests stepping into the spotlight.

The great Howlin’ Wolf’s ‘I Asked For Water’ serves as a dark duet with J.J. Grey, a sense of threat simmering below the surface as the two vocalists trade tales of heart ache and betrayal. 

Roddie Romero’s cool guitar tone slices through ‘Cuttin’ In’ and compliments the rich orchestral arrangement that recalls early (and the best) Fleetwood Mac arrangements.

‘When Will I Let Her Go’ is the bastard son of studio 54 and the early morning sounds of a Chicago Blues club filling with factory workers, eager to drink away the redundancy of their manual labour.

If we peel away the guests and the lavish instrumentation; at the core of this album stands one man and his voice and it’s a great voice; smooth enough for Sunday, sad enough for Wednesday and just enough Saturday night to remind you of the power and soul that lurks just below the surface .

My only criticism is that at times this album feels too precise, too clean – too studio; a criticism often laid at producer Joe Bonamassa’s door over the years; and it hasn’t done him too much harm.
There’s an absence of off-mic shouts of encouragement; ghost notes flourishing in the mix, for me this takes away some of the potential energy of the players;  but what Marc Broussard has created is a lush, considered and Soulful album, creating a safe pair of hands to guide you back up the Mississippi, I am reminded of my mothers saying ‘not everyone likes lumps in their gravy.

This album serves as a great introduction to Broussard but also acts as a health check on the Modern Blues scene – and the vital signs are all looking very good indeed.

Review Courtesy H. Longsail
Released March 3rd 2023


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