The Nude Party RIDES ON

The Nude Party
Rides On
New West Records

60’s Garage Pop Meets 80’s Madchester in an Americana Diner.

From first receiving this album a month or so ago I’ve never not liked it, but generally not got my head around it …. until a couple of days ago, driving around the Northumberland countryside, with a full Spring sun in the sky and the first of the crocuses and snowdrops in bloom on the side of the road.
To all intents and purposes this is Summer Music chock full of melodies, choruses and a distinctive 60’s vibe … although I can’t think of a single group that they6 actually sound like .
This, their third album kicks out the jams with opening track Word Gets Around with singer Patton Magee rising above the signature ‘Twangy’ guitars and swirling organ like a young Paul Samwell Smith (The Yardbirds) and sets the scene for what is to follow.
I’m desperate not to drown in naming the influences that are behind these songs apart from saying I will be terribly disappointed if I saw Nude Party and at least one member wasn’t wearing a buckskin jacket and round sunglasses while others had geometrically styled fringes; and a couple of pairs of winklepickers wouldn’t go amiss either.
There’s a definitive sense of ‘cool’ that’s all pervading here; not least with Chery Red Boots, Tell ‘Em and coolest of all their cover of Dr John’s Somebody’s Trying to Hoodoo Me, and the warm dreamscape that they send out.
After 10 or 12 years on the road you can forgive having a bit of fun with their songs; after all this is the Entertainment Industry which brings me to Sold Out of Love and Midnight at Lafayette Park both drenched in that 60’s vibe I spoke of earlier and while still fitting into the overall sound that The Nude Party have; both are musical timebombs; suddenly catching you unawares no matter how many times you play the whole album.
To some degree Hey Monet fits into that scenario too but you won’t really bother listening to the lyrics as you will be too busy ‘cutting a rug’ in the kitchen whenever it comes on the player.
While there’s absolutely nothing not to like here, like me you will quickly discover songs that will feature on playlists of whatever hue; personally I’ve fallen in love with both the dark and wired Stately Prison Cell and the sparky Polly Anne, which I know know the words and phrasing to both.
Sitting today I’ve realised that not just is there a 60’s vibe here; but more than a hint of 80’s Brit Pop …. but the more cerebral Madchester end of that spectrum; which brings me neatly to my Favourite Song; Ride On which sort of encompasses all that is/was good in both of those amazing Music Scenes and then adds an Americana twist to proceedings …. which is a helluva an achievement!
For a self-produced album there’s still a lot going on these songs; they never select the ‘simple’ option and I can sense seeing them recreate these songs in a dingy club being one of the best gig experiences that I’d have all year and I can think of a few ‘name’ headline acts that could do a lot worse than choosing The Nude Party as a support act …. but they may not, for fear of ‘being blown off stage !

Released 10th March 2023


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