Grey DeLisle
Regional Records/Hummingbird Records

Staggering and Cinematic Country Interpretations Of Old and New Contemporary Classics and More.

We do like a ‘cover song’ here at RMHQ with Bowie’s Pin Ups, Harry’s Nilsson Schmilsson which changed my life in the 1970’s plus everything by Joe Cocker and a host of individual tracks too.
So, where does a Country singer covering a variety of contemporary songs fit in?Well, dear reader; this album is going to be right up at the top of the tree!
As usual I hadn’t read the Press Release when I was downloading BORROWED and my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I heard the the acoustic Country interpretation of The Floyd’s Another Brick in The Wall! Okay; it’s not a new idea as such; with a couple of similar entities on TV adverts on the run up to Christmas ….. but …. Bloody Hell man!
Grey DeLisle somehow manages to turn this Prog Opus into a Country Noir tale that both The Handsome Family and Bobbie Gentry would be doubly proud of!
This followed by a harrowing version of Tonight You Belong To Me; I say harrowing and it is, as Grey plays her autoharp and whispers the words in a seemingly threatening manner …. but, trust me …. she would easily wrap me in her web, singing like this.
The arrangements here can be staggering at times; the little known Marc Bolan song, Girl is swathed in strings making it sound like it could be from a re-make of Gone With the Wind; and the staggering re-make of You Only Live Twice is obviously waiting for Tarantino to come out of retirement and create a whole movie around this song.
This followed by a Marvin Etzioni song written for the album; You Are The Light and here Ms. DeLisle takes on a Dolly Parton persona to squeeze every drop of pathos out of a deep and sadder than sad Modern Country song.
As the album progresses I can’t quite put my finger on who Grey DeLisle’s simmering and expressively clear voice reminds me of. Patsy Cline? Ashley Monroe? Emmylou? Stevie Nicks?
Sometimes the stories behind Country songs can be as good as the songs themselves; and I’d love to know the reason for including the intrinsically beautiful Valentine. It’s a fabulous song …. but …. written by her ex-husband Murry Hammond! Go figure.
Another song that needs a mention; is Julie Miller’s All My Tears; which takes the original and makes it really, really more special … if that’s possible; and it appears it is.
I could throw a dart at the track list and find a song I’m in love with; but for these purposes I need to narrow it down, doncha think?
It really should be Another Brick In the Wall, mostly for the effect it had on me and the listeners to my radio show; but I’m going left as centre, as I’m contrary like that.
The co-write between DeLisle and producer extraordinaire Etzioni, Borrowed and Blue has to be a contender; as is the haunting Willie We Have Missed You which closes the package; but there is one other that has been truly spellbinding; and that’s her cinematic variation of Georgia On My Mind, which with the inclusion of Willie Nelson’s harmonica player Mickey Raphael certainly makes it a cut above the rest.
I’ve got nothing else to say; I’ve been in love with this album for weeks now; months actually and you now get the chance to hear it yourself and realise that I do know what I’m talking about.

PS Not only is Grey DeLisle a fabulous recording artist; but a ‘voice’ on over 200 animations; not least The Simpsons.

Released January 6th 2023


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