Emily Duff
Tonight EP

Swaggering and Greasy NY Rock & Roll For Grown Ups !

In theory I still like Rock Music; but increasingly my tolerance of the L.O.U.D sort that passes passes for it in the Alt. and Indie world these days would have made the Who wince in their halcyon days.
So; thank the Lord for the current crop of New Yorkers, headed by Willie Nile, Jesse Malin and our very own Emily Duff who combine their Punk Rock/CBGB’s heritages with cool mature songwriting. Power Chords and Riffs that are easier on the ear but still feel like a punch to the jaw.
As a precursor to an album due in early 2023 Emily Duff has released a four track EP to promote the killer single, THE BOMB! and it’s come at just the right time for me on the run up to Christmas…. as my batteries were running flat; and I needed a boost to the system.
Opening track finds a feisty Emily part purring and part growling Tonight. Eric Ambel’s production is razor-sharp (throughout) allowing each instrument to portray the barely restrained energy we associate with NYC but also bringing the best out in Emily’s voice and words like herbs and spices in a gumbo or stew.
The actual single, The Bomb follows and is every bit as powerful and ballsy as the title would suggest; sounding like a young Lucinda fronting a mature Ramones …. if you can picture that! Emily really does ‘scratch the scab’ here; giving us a very mature song; only someone who has lived a fascinating life and come out the other end could write …. yet still make it sound as fresh as if she was still a hormonal teenager!
Billie Eilish eat your heart out!
The 4 song EP closes with the moody and noirish I Get Nowhere; again the backing band (Eric Ambel, Jeremy Chazky, Phil Cimino, Charlie Giordiano and Stan Harrison) give the impression that they have just come off the set of a Sopranos re-make; leather jackets, swagger and greasy hair slicked back …. but with all the subtlety of a chamber orchestra at the same time.
Then, there is the first song Emily sent me for the radio show …. My Misery, which has a melody that is NYC personified and a story that squeezed my heartstrings until I felt I was choking …. man; what a powerful song …… 50’s Rock & Roll channelled through a sleazy Memphis nightclub in the late 60’s and a silver thread of 21st Century angst holding it all together …. what’s not to like?
Like the very best Soul music, Emily’s EP works on many levels; not least turned up to 8 in the car; preferably with one dodgy speaker for added authenticity; but late at night with the lights turned down low and headphones on …. taking you to a world only you and Emily Duff understand.

Released December 9th 2022


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