Amelia White
Rocket Rearview

The Perfect Accompaniment for Closing the Curtains, Turning the Big Light Off and Wallowing in Its Skewed Passion and Beautiful Melancholia

Even by her standards opening track, Devil’s Gonna Take You Alive is deliberately dark in context and musically too. Certainly not my idea of a ‘perfect opener’ but it’s certainly attention grabbing, that’s for sure.
You think you’re living your best life
But the devils gonna eat you alive
pull out your card and buy another round
Playing the big shot, 
The devils gonna eat you alive

Then In The Time follows in a ‘talking Blues’ ala David Olney style; sounding like it has ben stolen from a Robert Mitchum political film-noir soundtrack.
It’s apparent this early thar ROCKET REARVIEW isn’t likely to be the background to your next loft apartment supper party; this dear readers is grown up Alt. America full of narratives that need your full attention from start to finish; with some you won’t fully appreciate for weeks or months.
Two in this ilk are January and June which I like a lot, but need more time for the story to unravel …. and I’m prepared to invest the time; same with Hands Are Like Faces; although it seems ‘obvious’ at first there are still things in Amelia’s poetic writing style that isn’t as ‘obvious’ as you’d at first presume.
I’ve been a fan of Amelia’s music since I first reviewed OLD POSTCARD in 2014, when I worked for a magazine and have eagerly followed her trajectory ever since; it would be wrong to say she’s stalled here by a long stretch; but songs like the beautiful and delicate No Sound, Edge of the Blues and the heartbreaking Beautiful Sun (and the songs from recent the collaboration with Brett Ryan Stewart) are more suitable for small and claustrophobic clubs than the Concert Halls her previous releases deserved.
Perhaps it’s just me; but many albums in my collection come out in different seasons; they just suit the mood of Summer and Spring better than Autumn and Winter; and vice versa ….. and releasing ROCKET REARVIEW in October is genius as these songs and the overall album are the perfect accompaniment for closing the curtains, turning the big light off and wallowing in the skewed passion and beautifully melancholic My Way Home (with it’s haunting pedal-steel and tremoring vocal performance)
I grew up here where the paint is peeling
Daddy’s cigarette smoke stained the ceiling 
And I I”m finally finding my way home

confederate flags and boarded up bars
Moonshine shacks muscle cars
I’m finally finding my way home”

and the angry and angsty Fighting, which not just features Amelia’s trademark guitar playing but uses it like a bladed weapon to get our attention.
As is the case these days, there are no obvious ‘singles’ here; but there are plenty of songs that will get airplay on student radio and/or community stations around the world, as they are perfect sharing material for late night listening; which is where I’m going for my choice of Favourite Song.
The title track Rocket Rearview is multi-layered and probably the cornerstone for joining what goes before and what follows; partially claustrophobic but Amelia’s voice swoops and soars just like the ‘Rocket’ she sings about. This is the a-typical song that is going to take you several plays to unravel; is it as dark and dangerous as some of the lines suggest or is Amelia playing mind games with us?
Gotta cup of coffee black and coal
White knuckles shake on the rocket ships controls
I packed a bag I fed the kids 
He said you’ll always regret this
And were drifting off 
Blasting major Tom
Shooting through Time and space
Goodbye human race
Slightly less cerebral, but just as intelligent and articulate; Waltzing With Your Ghost is the one song that probably tips its’ hat at her previous Alt. Country heritage; but is still loaded with Noir sensibilities that will real you in like a Raymond Chandler novel; and keep you in her web of mystery.
It would be wrong of me to say this was Amelia White’s best album; as it’s so very different than anything that has preceded it. What it is, is one of those albums that if you ‘get it’, you will play to death for the first month after purchase than put in a safe place for those grew Autumnal nights when only this and a bottle of quality ted wine will suffice.

Released October 2022


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