Jimmy Hall READY NOW

Jimmy Hall
Ready Now
Keeping The Blues Alive

A Mesmerizing And Deeply Emotional Collection of Contemporary Yet Timeless Blues Tunes

Jimmy Hall has always been a “larger-than-life” and charismatic presence as the vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and front man of the legendary Mobile, Alabama Southern Rock band, Wet Willie. The Wet Willie Band was an exceptional, yet incredibly underrated band that toured with the Allman Brothers in 1971 and enjoyed a few chart hits, one reaching the Top 10. Interestingly comprised of Jimmy, his brother Jack and their sister, Donna, among others, and eventually the sensational singer, Ellie Brooks, this “family” band went through many changes from 1971 to 1979.  Jimmy’s long career as a solo artist kept that genius alive, raised the ante and sweetened the pot. 

“Ready Now,” produced by Blues guitarist, and legend in his own right, Joe Bonamassa, is a superb and soulful brand new record that re-establishes and solidifies Hall as a formidable force of classic, genre-defying Roots Rock and roll that grows out of the rich Southern soil of Country, Blues and; of curse Soul.

Straight out the gate this record satisfies and lifts me up.  “Jumpin’ for Joy” defines Feel-Good Anthem and “Rise Up” will not let you down either.
“Dream Release” is a beautiful surprise in all its glorious, 1970’s blue-eyed soul vibe that recalls that enduring Wet Willie sound, as well as one of my favorite bands, The Left Banke. 

With a band of seasoned, sensitive players including Joe Bonamassa, Josh Smith, Reese Wynans, Michael Rhodes, Greg Morrow, Warren Haynes, and Jared James Nichols, Jimmy Hall succeeds in winding us through a complex journey of well-crafted songs, stellar performances and musical tasty-treats in every color and tone of the Rock & Roll rainbow.  

Jimmy’s harmonica looms large on these tracks, and thank The Good Lord it does!
Jimmy Hall is a bona fide harp virtuoso and his gritty, low-down in the dirt sound adds flourishes that tip the tunes into a steamy, blues-drippy swamp of finger-lickin’ goodness.
“Will You Still Be There” and “Eyes in the Back of Your Head” are perfect examples.

“Without Your Love” featuring Jared James Nichols on guitar is a beautiful love song that shimmers with the interplay between Nichols’ guitar and the B3 organ that ties this confessional story of second chances and redemption together, bringing Hall’s plaintive and apologetic vocal into the realm of raw and real admission to accept responsibility like a man and move forward, ever wiser.  I felt true penitence and was moved to tears. 

“Love For It” is my new “strut.”
This tune has a built in power-stance that could drive away the doubts and demons anytime, anywhere.  Jimmy’s performance and the background vocals on this song are goosebump inducing till the very end. 

Hall’s voice is strong and expressive and really shines on the title track, “Ready Now,” which features brilliant slide guitar work by the outstanding, Warren Hayes who, as the kids say, SLAYS!
Jimmy Hall is obviously ready now, and how lucky are we, that he’s collaborated with Joe Bonamassa for this album and remains a mesmerizing front man with this deeply emotional new collection of tunes, extraordinary musicians and massive commitment to his immense talent, faith and powerful belief in himself and the potency of his timeless music. 

Reviewed by Emily Duff
Released September 16th 2022



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