The Claudettes 
The Claudettes Go Out!
40 Below Records

Your New Favorite Band Have Made a Stellar, Timeless Record.

A well tuned piano in a temple of sound with a sensitive, knowing foot confidently dancing on the sustain pedal is an earful of delight.
Combine that with cleverly crafted songs, skillful and soulful musicians, a pear-shaped voice that is sent straight from the angels, Kevin Killen’s mix mastery, cinematic strings, rock solid bass and Michael Caskey’s drumming that puts you behind the kit with the band, and VOILA!
You have an opening track that slips you right into the pocket of “YES!” when you initiate what I am calling the Pure Pleasure Sequence that is “The Claudettes Go Out!

Billed as Sultry, Cinematic Noir-Pop From Chicago,
wielding a one-of-a-kind, piano-powered roots-pop sound, The Claudettes merge earthy blues and soul with pop hooks and punk spirit, writing an intriguing new chapter in American roots music,”
I am here to tell you that you can … and you should believe the hype…because They Really Do all of the above! 

Pianist/Songwriter Johnny Iguana takes center stage as the record kicks off with “A Lovely View,”  the airy studio embracing the piano and lifting it off into the ether to prepare the listener for the angelic, breathy vocals of Berit Ulseth.
The sparseness of this track sets us up for the sonic sweetness to come with tracks so diverse in genre that they recall Everything But The Girl, The Jam, Leon Russell and DEVO all at once. 

“Time Won’t Take Our Times Away” is the song I can’t stop listening to. 
Recalling an early Elton John/Bernie Taupin vibe with lyrics that compel the listener to tune out the world and finely tune in the song (what music is supposed to do), I keep going back for more, discovering another layer to investigate and love with each and every listen. 

“Cowboy” is a stone-cold hit that warns us about taking up playing music in a band as a bad habit that we should “give up for drinking” and recommends living in a “world without eighth notes.” 
This song makes me laugh aloud while marveling at The Wrecking Crew good vibrations that get me on my feet in the middle of my tiny NYC living room, spinning ceaselessly like the hypnotized music freak I am.

The final track, “The Show Must Go On (And Then The Show Must End)” channels a lost track from The Who’s “Tommy” and that’s no understatement.
A fantastic finale that demonstrates the bands ability, prowess and passion for collaborative music making. They are a well oiled unit and they graciously allow us into their conversation.
The last song has to be your best….” sings Berit as the album draws to a satisfying close, and you realize that you have a new favorite band who have made a stellar, timeless record that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.  

Review courtesy Emily Duff
Released 14th October 2022


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