Skinny Dyck
Palace Waiting
Sound Asleep Records

Unearthing an Honest and Authentic Country Diamond.

Although I never read them until I’m satisfied that I like the music on offer; I actually like a good informative Press Release ….. and the one that accompanied this album; and his website and Facebook pages haven’t been the most informative of documents.
Which means that pretty much all I know about Skinny Dyck (stop sniggering at the back ) is that he’s from Alberta and loves Country Music.
That said, had I stumbled on this CD in an actual shop; the cover would have made me want to know what the music sounds like; and the font points towards Country … and that’s exactly what we get.
Hey, Who’s Counting? Opens the EP+2 very nicely indeed and introduces us to Dyck’s slow drawl and quirky sideways look at life, alongside some fascinating guitar interludes and slick steel guitar.
The steel guitar opens the next song; In On The Upswing like a Jedi Lightsaber and the slow meander Dyck takes us on is as delightful as it’s thought provoking too.
As I’d never heard a note from him before; this EP+2 has been a fabulous journey of discovery; with his voice and lyrics sticking in my head for ages after the music stopped; most especially with the haunting Jackson Hole and the jauntier TV Blue; which had me picturing Skinny and his bass player doing a Shadows style ‘dance’ on the video that must surely appear one day.
I would never have know it was a cover version; but one of the bonus tracks; the two-steppin tearjerker, Be a Little Quieter is actually a Porter Waggoner song …. who knew?
The EP+2 close with the dark and moody No Power Over Me which sounds like a song that’s remained hidden in a draw since the early 60’s; dusted off and a new layer of polish added for a contemporary audience; and I like it a whole lot.
But; I have to glide back to choose an actual Favourite Song; between the almost Gothic Cutting Off All Ties which I’m pretty sure it’s is as sad as Country Music will ever get in 2022 and could easily feature in a Handsome Family set/album.
The other; and song I’m erring towards is a lot more uptempo and even borders on being a Love Song of sorts; and that’s Ripe There on The Vine which sounds like another Classic found in the back of the drawer in either Hank or Cash’s house … trust me here; it’s as authentic as anything either Legend ever wrote and/or sung in their heyday.
Even in the days before I became a reviewer I loved wandering around record shops looking for something ‘interesting’ and then taking a risk. Obviously this format didn’t always end well; but every now and again I’d unearth a diamond …. and that’s what we have here; a diamond albeit smaller than the one in Mrs Magpie’s engagement ring … but a diamond nonetheless.

Released July 29th 2022 EUROPE
Released September 2022 US & Canada


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