Tony Baltimore LET’S ALL GO INSANE

Tony Baltimore
Let’s All Go Insane
Conch Town Records

Genre-Fluid Americana; From Folk to Country Via New Orleans on a Saturday Night

Growing up in Maryland to working class parents gave Tony Baltimore a strong work ethic, which served him well when he began playing up to eight shows a week in Key West.
Three albums later and Baltimore has his most accessible collection of songs yet, while doing a good job of checking off all of the requisite Americana check boxes: gospel-tinged backing vocals, funky backbeat drums, snappy Tele-style guitar, and plenty of Hammond B3, but that doesn’t mean he’s a one-trick pony. Co-produced by Ian Shaw, Let’s All Go Insane, is a mix of traditional New Orleans style, alt-country, indie rock, and good old Country-Folk music, making Baltimore a definite genre-fluid artist.
The kick off title song, along with “Seaside Blues,” are pure New Orleans flavored fun, along with “Loot the Joint” which amps up the exuberance considerably.
When Baltimore aims for a party atmosphere he definitely succeeds—and those punchy horns don’t hurt, either!
“Fly Alone” is not your typical love song, rather a one-sided love of patience, hope, and waiting, the violin throughout adding to the quiet desolation.
“Window Pane” gives off Gordon Lightfoot vibes, a story of time passing by, while “Postcard” is a 60’s pastiche of letting go no matter the consequences, making your own way with love at your side.
“Storm the Beach” is the closest Baltimore gets here to protest, yet it’s a doozy, taking both politicians and the media for sowing discord for their own gain.
“That Girl’s Got Eyes” is the album’s pop song and my personal pick for favorite on the album. Contemporary rock guitars and pounding drums, mixed with an extra-catchy chorus, and a vibrant and surprising violin solo.
“What Kind of World” ends the album on a hopeful note, full of triumph and the knowledge that one can always find a way to get by.
Recorded both before, during, and after the pandemic, Let’s All Go Insane is Baltimore’s paen to love and individuality.

Review courtesy the Legendary Roy Peak

Released 17th June 2022


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