Trashy Annie
Nashville Sessions

Far Too Good a Secret To Keep For Long

You know the saying ‘God moves in mysterious ways’?
Well; it was my Dad’s favourite and he used it to cover a million applications …. and I’ve followed suit.
Last week I was feeling overwhelmed by the amount of reviews that were backing up and I didn’t know where to start ….. then an email from Brent; he of Uncle Brent and Nostone arrived praising the delights of an act he’d just seen in Nashville called Trashy Annie; and felt the need to get in touch with Annie for details of an EP/set of singles she’d mentioned from the stage, because he ‘knew someone in England who would love them too’!
He was right …. and the desk was immediately cleared as I played the first track; the raw and energetic Knock Knock which starts with some bizarre whizz-bang sound effects before ‘ripping a new one’ in what we know as both Alt and good ole Country Music!
This I sense is a song that’s a catalyst for their live shows.
There’s a real dark heart to Trashy Annie’s songs here; none more so than the latest single Juliet, which is about a prostitute … a subject we don’t hear a lot about in this or I guess many other genres; and over a scratchy acoustic guitar and smoothly intense backing; Annie opens her song with
I got me down in Mexico
with an ounce of weed and a pound of blow
I cut my hand and broke my toe
Send me on back to the barrio

This sure ain’t Taylor Swift or Lady A type of Country …… this is as edgy, darker and even grubbier than Ashley MacBryde or early Kacey Musgrave ever went; and ….. and I bloody love it!
Prior to that song, we have the razor sharp heartbreaker, Save Me while certainly not autobiographical, takes on a whole new meaning when you discover it’s actually about a child prostitute …. which unravels it’s other inner secrets over the course of four minutes.
There’s a sensitivity in Annie’s words that weave through all five songs like a golden thread; and her arrangements bely the fact that she’s still only playing bars in and around Nashville.
In her bio Annie Davis describes her upbringing as
I grew up poor.
The welfare and food stamps kinda poor.
The poor where you pick up cans on the side of the road and turn them in for lunch money, and the kinda poor that can lead a kid down some very bad roads.

The good news is, that kinda poor can also lead down another road…one that teaches a person to love the beauty in this world that comes straight outta the box, no purchase required.”
Then there’s Last Song, a simple yet plaintiff love song; the type no Country Album (or EP) should ever be without …. and just begs to have plays on the cooler radio stations.
It’s possibly unfair to select one song out of only four as a Favourite; but how can the fantabulous Luv U Luv U Back not be my/our Favourite?
It’s one of those songs that sounds like you already know it; and the melody itself will immediately have you mumbling along without knowing any of the words ….. and when you do learn them you will holler along with an idiot grin as you play air guitar to power chords that litter the chorus!
Each track here has or will be released as a single; with the actual vinyl/CD EP coming out some unspecified time in the near future…. but I couldn’t wait that long!
Trashy Annie is far too good a secret to keep ….. I’m with Brent; the world is not just ready for Trashy Annie ….. but may actually need these songs at the moment.

Released 2022


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