Lady A
Self Release

100% Southern Fried Soul with a Side Order of Raw Rhythmic Bluesliciousness.

Cast your minds back a year or two when Country popstars Lady Antebellum went to great lengths and expense to change their collective name; only to find that there was already a singer going by the name Lady A who had a succesful career with 8 albums to her name?
Well, dear friends this is she!
Even if I hadn’t already been rooting for her; the big and classy Big Band arrangement on opening track Whatever (You Do) would have had me whispering “Hell Yeah!”
The title track, the simmering Satisfyin’ follows and you can only imagine the feeling in your stomach were Lady A to catch your eyes when she was singing this on stage; leaving the average man shaking in his seat.
Whereas so many of her contemporaries ‘go through the motions’, it’s wonderful to hear Lady A inhabiting her songs; especially when they have stories as good as the haunting Brighter Days and the rather racy Miss Beula Mae; all of which have a contemporary edge that a lot of modern Soul misses out on; but it took the inspirational Blues On My Mind and namechecking Rosetta, Mahalia, Betty Lavette and RMHQ Favourite Denise LaSalle for me to know that this Lady and me are definitely kindred spirits.
Speaking of the dilemma she found herself in regarding ‘her name’ ‘this’ Lady A addresses it in the finest and most appropriate fashion on For the People at The Back (with its Gospel underscore) and even if you are listening alone in the car or kitchen I defy you not to give her a “Hell Yeah Sister!” during every chorus; and again, it’s going to be a highlight of each and every concert she ever performs.
I’ve said many times that Soul can be split into two camps; music you dance to or music you listen to; quirkily Lady A regularly manages to mix the two; in a way I’ve not really heard since the latter days of Stax or probably when I discovered Sharron Jones and the Dap Kings. Which brings me to my choice of Favourite Song; at first it was going to be the sassy Big Momma which is as slinky as it is sexy; and left me with a glow and a twinkle the first few times I played it. Then of course there has to be Blues, Soul, Catfish and Fried Wings, which is a funky list of things that she loves and craves; and is a musical ode to Southern Soul at heart.
But over the last few days the powerful ballad, Heaven Help Us which closes the record unravelled and has left me a hollow husk of a man, as Lady A pleads with The Lord to make the world a better place as she lists all of the trials and tribulations many of us are going through on a daily basis; and Man oh man, can this Lady S.I.N.G …… growling and purring like she-cat when needed; evoking memories of Gladys Knight, Tina Turner and even Shirley Bassey at different times; but even though I don’t know her previous releases it’s fair to say she has such a distinctive voice, she don’t sound like no other, easily making this my Favourite Song.
Although Lady A was born and bred in Seattle, this album is 100% Southern Fried Soul with a side order of raw Rhythmic Bluesliciousness.

Released October 21st 2021


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