Luca Kiella
Ready For You
Cypress Road Productions

Good Old Fashioned Contemporary Storytelling; With Damn Good Music That Is As Easy on the Ear as It is Thought Provoking.

Luca Kiella is one of ‘those names’ that seems familiar to me; I couldn’t think why …… and a quick check of my older reviews unearthed his last release, FIGURE IT OUT, which thankfully we liked back in 2019!!
As I was still gazing at the album cover, nothing there prepared me for the swinging opener Till Tomorrow; Contemporary Lounge Blues is the only way I can think to describe it; and with the majestic piano playing at the heart of everything; somewhere akin to latter day Joe Jackson; and later on he adds that ‘edge’ to a few songs that Jumpin’ Joe had in his youth too.
This is followed by an even bigger, Big Band sound on Here’s No More, which I’m sure will have an even tighter and yet bigger arrangement for their live shows.
Luca Kiella covers a lot of ground here; and at heart he’s definitely a Singer Songwriter of the finest hue; try listening to A True Connection, Wanna Love You and/or Desperate Train to Nowhere and not find yourself being drawn into his stories like a moth to a flame; it can’t be done.
Perhaps the arrangements are a little bit cinematic at times; but there’s also a sympatico that brings the delicate Ready For You and especially the guitar part in the broken hearted love song Won’t You Please? into a timeless zone that you never expected when you first pressed play earlier in the evening.
As usual, this is an album that deserves being played in fill; from start to finish; but several of the songs I’ve already mentioned could easily be singles; and singles you wouldn’t change channels if you heard them on the radio …… but two songs; and very very different songs at that have really caught my attention and are joint Favourite Songs here.
The finale, Is There Any Love Left Here is a genuine heartbreaker and heart melter; the type that needs to be heard in complete silence; be that in the home or concert hall to gauge the power in every word and of course note. While I’d love Luca Kiella to have a huge hit with it; I can also imagine someone like Lady GaGa or Harry Connick picking up on it and turning it into a Platinum seller.
The other is a lot more light hearted and tongue in cheek; but is bang on the money for how I’m feeling at the moment; and I can only imagine the cheer that will greet I Hate My Boss when the first notes are heard in concert!
I mentioned Joe Jackson earlier; but to some degree there’s an element of Jamie Cullum here too in the way Kiella criss-crosses Heavy Jazz, light entertainment and good old fashioned storytelling all set to damn good music, that is as easy on the ear as it is thought provoking for your brain.

Released October 22nd 2021


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