The Royal Hounds
A Whole Lot of Nothin’
Self Release

The Kings of the Honky Tonks Deliver a Vast Array of Musical Riches.

“Fiery Honky Tonk With A Rock And Roll Edge Served With A Healthy Sense Of Humor” is how the Royal Hounds describe their music and that’s pretty accurate.
The guys in the Royal Hounds—Scott Hinds, Matheus Canteri, and Nathan Place—are all top-notch Nashville-based musicians who definitely know their way around their instruments every bit as well as they know their way around a Honky Tonk, and these tunes are steeped in seasoned, whiskey-soaked, honkytonkness.
The Hounds gleefully play with genres, fitting Bluegrass, Country, Rock, and fire-branded playing into their sound without any of them sounding forced.
These cats swing effortlessly, starting with the rocking and rolling Cheap Drunk and closes with the awesome Dead Guy Blues and inbetween you get a little bit of everything that you’d want to hear in a ‘good time’ bar on a Friday night..
The songs are mostly just vehicles for the Hounds to showcase their musicality, but they’re not just novelty songs either.
Some of the verses on “Bring Out the Barrel of Beer” and “I Hope You go to Hell” may be a bit crass, but it probably gets a big laugh in the bars, which is kind of the Royal Hounds specialty.
We get not one, but two, instrumental tunes: the pure country “Corn Fritter,” and the latin tinged “Door #3,” which the Hounds use to full advantage to stretch their musical muscles to the utmost.
“In the Rickety Pines” is the Hounds version of a murder ballad, “Pickin’ in the Graveyard” answers the question of where dead songwriters spend time in the afterlife, and the songwriting on “Krismastofferson” is nearly sublime.
Marrying a Honky Tonk legend and Christmas magic together into a new holiday tune, is no easy craft, especially as effortlessly as it all comes together.
This could be my new favorite holidaze tune.
Witty, it rocks, and some magical fiddle playing by Aaron Till, and don’t forget the obligatory sleigh bells on the intro.
If there’s a video for this tune, it’s bound to be a knee-slapper.
Rounding out these tunes are Rory Hoffman on organ and accordion and Eddie Lange on pedal steel, with clear, clean production by Hounds’ guitarist Matheus Canteri.
The Royal Hounds are more Honky Tonk than Danny and Dusty, funnier than the Georgia Satellites, and look aimed to take on the world, no holds barred.

The Royal Hounds shows are so good that they have, not one, but two weekly residencies on lower Broadway—You can catch them Sunday nights at Layla’s and Tuesdays at Robert’s Western World, the undisputed home of traditional country music in Nashville.

Released October 15th 2021
Review courtesy the Legendary Roy Peak


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