Sue Foley
Pinkey’s Blues
Stony Plain Records

Laid Back Sass and Sizzle That’s The Perfect Soundtrack to a Saturday Night BBQ

Yet again I just presumed I had reviewed a Sue Foley album at some time in the past; such was my excitement when I saw this release on a list two months ago ….. but it appears not.
But …… AHA!
A long trawl through a case of CD’s subsequently turned up the Queen Bee anthology from 2009. Okay that means I’ve missed out on another dozen of her releases; but that’s not all my fault; and I have heard a lot of other new music in the intervening years.
Which brings us right up to date with PINKY’S BLUES on one of my favourite labels; Stony Plain; and right from the get go Ms Foley thrills and amazes the listener with her guitar dexterity on the instrumental title track, Pinky’s Blues.
To my mind starting an album with an instrumental is both brave and daring; but with hindsight it’s her album and she can do whatever the Hell she likes; even if I did think that it was a very long intro to what is actually track #2 Two Bit Texas Town the first time I played the disc!
That said it is rather delightful; full of liquid gold guitar licks in the mode of Albert King methinks; but of course I could be wrong.
Personally I’d have gone for Hurricane Girl as the opener; not just because I’m a sucker for a 1..2..3..4 count in; but somehow it comes across as a bit of an autobiographical look at her life; and above all else it has a real catchy hook.
Back to the start; the second song; Two Bit Texas Town starts with a really stylish and languid guitar solo before Sue cuts in with a drole look at a backwaters town that has seen some Legendary Blues acts in its time; yet still remains anonymous to everyone that doesn’t live there ….. and she likes it that way.
Although Canadian born an bred; it’s quite apparent from the way she plays and what Ms Foley songs about that she’s a very proud adopted Texan these days, as this song lurches straight into the sizzling Dallas Man and then the stompin’ Southern Men; which not for the last time features some stunning guitar breaks and a backbeat worthy of The Fabulous Thunderbirds.
To all intents and purposes this is quite a laid back album; hence my mention of Albert King earlier; whereas my memories of the Queen Bee album was a really feisty player and singer too …… but I’m not complaining; as the older I get songs like the sedate and bittersweet Say It’s Not So and Think It Over, which have already been added to several of my IPhone playlists.
While never ever getting up to even rambunctious; Sue still turns up the heat on Stop Those Teardrops; which sounds like it should have a cool dance attributed to it for the video.
Speaking of ‘dance tunes’ my copy has three Bonus Tracks; a fabulous instrumental called Okie Dokie Stomp and the title pretty much says it all really and the finale which sounds uncannily like Messin’ With the Kid; but is actually When the Cat’s Away the Mice Play which may or may not be an innuendo laced set of lyrics.
Like the vast majority of albums I receive these days, there are no obvious ‘singles’ here; but that still leaves plenty of tracks for the Cool Kids with Internet Radio Shows to pick from; which in a roundabout way brings me to the two songs I’m deliberating between for a Favourite Track; Hurricane Girl really is as feisty and fizzing as this album gets; and add to that mix Jimmie Vaughan as a guest guitarist ….. what’s not to like?
The other is a song that again could only come straight outta Texas; Boogie Real Low, which adds an extra helping of sass and sizzle to an album that’s already the perfect soundtrack to a Saturday night BBQ somewhere hot and sweaty; which makes it my Favourite Track her by nose.

Released 22nd October 2021


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