Taylor Young Band
Mercury Transit
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The Soundtrack to Middle Aged Heartbreak

I don’t care who believes me or not but serendipity; or as my late great Dad would often say quite ruefully; “God acts in mysterious ways” plays a great part in my humble life …… about a month ago I was hunting through a box of CD’s that I hadn’t played for years when I came across Honeycomb by The O’s, smiled at conjuring up the phrase ‘banjo fatigue’ for the first paragraph of my review; then put it on the stereo ….. WOW …. it was everything I remembered; firey and eminently danceable too; and sparked memories of the night I saw them play live …… for two lads in suits just playing an acoustic guitar and a banjo they sure could kick up a fuss, leaving their suits wringing with sweat ….. just like the sparse crowd who had been jumping around like banshees!
Then on the Friday a package arrived containing this disc. OK the name Taylor Young Band meant nothing; why would it?
So, it was uploaded to the laptop and with time on my hands played immediately …….. and it was pretty damn cool right from opening track Get Around.
Somewhere between early Tom Petty, The Knack and even The Buritto’s; especially the Twangtastic Blue Eyed and Wrong Place, Wrong Time which would have been on my Summertime Playlist for the car; if it hadn’t been Autumn ……. but as they both make me think of Summer they are going to get plenty of plays over the next month or two anyway.
By now I’d started reading the bio …… yup, you guessed it; Taylor Young was one half of The O’s (as well as Polyphonic Spree!); but you’d never have guessed; just as I didn’t as this album is West Coast Country Rock in all but name; with some delicious Power Pop riffs thrown in for fun.
OK, I understand it’s always Summer somewhere; which means the likes of the warm hearted break-up songs Out of My Mind and Make You Wanna Stay will be on the stereo for middle aged lovers, full of teenage angst across the Western World.
Regular readers will know the disdain for sites and magazines that ‘cut n paste’ Press Releases and publish them as reviews; but for once I couldn’t have praised this next bit better than their Press Person …….
The band rip through Honky Tonk stomps ‘Daze of the Week’ and ‘Drinkin’ with a wink and
self-deprecating smile.”
and that’s exactly what they do on both; and plenty of you will sit there thinking “That’s about me, that is.” Which is always the tenure of a great song.
Even when the backbone of the song is quite sad; Taylor Young still manages to get your toes tapping and the corners of your mouth fighting to go upwards; and I defy you not to do both when you hear Five Cents and Rattled with its buzzsaw guitar and intensely edgy lyrics .
Which pretty much only leaves me to tell you about my Favourite Song; Blue Eyed which just about edges out Shine on Me; as it really is the cornerstone that the whole album revolves around; deceptively simple Twang infested guitars; a rhythm section that has better time-keeping than a Swiss watch and a singer singing a song that will not just touch the hearts hearts of love lorn fools sitting in their bedrooms (or bars if this ever makes it onto jukeboxes!) wallowing in ‘what might have been.’
There you have it; the Taylor Young Band delivering the soundtrack to Middle Aged Heartbreak.

Released 8th October 2021


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