Daniel De Vita
Lost in Translation
Lunaria Records

Seamlessly Melting Red Hot Blues and Cool Jazz Until You Can’t Hear The Join.

What with my declining eyesight and all I genuinely thought this album was by Danny Devito!!!!
Then I put my glasses on and I realised my mistake ……. who said growing old was easy or fun?

Daniel De Vita is in fact a multi-talented Argentine musician who has toured extensively across the Blues circuit in Europe; but I’m not sure he’s ever been to the UK ….. but I’m now happy to be proved wrong.
So; what to expect from such a source?
Every Time I’m Close To You, passed my ‘first track’ test with flying colours. You’d be surprised how many new releases fall at this hurdle; but De Vita simply sizzles as he carefully straddles the Blues/Jazz fence with consummate ease while treating us to a gorgeous and contemporary Love Song with classy undertones.
That song actually sets the tone and mood for what follows; and what follows is a real treat.
There are absolutely no hints of his (presumed) normal speaking voice when he sings; as De Vita manages to purr through a satin veil when he sings in a smooth American accent; and boy oh boy can he play that guitar of his!
The mostly self-penned songs are impressive from start to finish; with She Claps on the 1 & 3 being another cool Blues/Jazz hybrid that swings and sashays like a ball gown; and later California Rocket Fuel could easily be a long lost Rock and Roll song in the style Fats Waller or the like; and eventually you will find yourself singing merrily along with the chorus when the penny will drop that this song about the awful side effects of drug abuse!
The whole album has come as a pleasant surprise to me; but nothing more so than when he Funks the Hell out of the Bueno Vista Social Club’, Black Chicken 37 …….. I’ve been listening to new Los Lobos album recently; and Daniel De Vita certainly gives those cats a run for there money with this powerhouse Latino funkathon!
That proves what an intricately clever and astute musician De Vita is; as does the slow and sinful pot-boiler, Sand Between Your Fingers; which not just has a mournful harmonica in it …… but a Moog Synthesiser in the background too!
For once I nearly chose an instrumental track as my Favourite; as D/FW simply blew me away as the band lay riff on riff on riff until your eyes nearly pop out of the sockets; but no ….. I’m going for an actual song; and even then it’s a coin toss between the ‘best played after midnight’ 6 Years Blues and the swaggering My Sweetest Regret; both of which would be highlights on new releases by household names and Award Winners in the Electric Blues categories; yet here De Vita simply manages to just let them fit in naturally.l
As regular readers know, we have eclectic tastes at RMHQ and love nothing more than discovering a new act (even if this is his fourth release!) that put their own special spin on Roots Music; and that’s exactly what Daniel De Vita has done; seamlessly melting Blues and Jazz together while using several other bits and pieces to help seal the join; until you don’t realise there is a joint at all.

Released 25th July 2021


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