Lucy Grubb
Waste My Time

From the Heartlands of Americana via the Flatlands of East Anglia

Four or five years ago it was all ‘terribly fashionable’ to be a British Country/Americana singer; although most; truth be told were really Folk Singers hanging onto Country’s shirt tails and most; therefore were quickly found out and duly disappeared.
The Shires and Ward Thomas seemed to have gone on to some success (leaving RMHQ trailing in the dust!) and one or two, who really were Country musicians at heart have continued on a weary and lonely path; and come out the other side relatively unscathed.
Lucy Grubb is a good case in point; she’s appeared at clubs, pubs and on stages beside the big stage all over the UK and Europe; and has used this apprenticeship to great effect on this; her third EP release.
The delightful title track WASTE MY TIME can’t decide whether it’s a Country song or Americana; but that’s hardly a problem as both are one and the same; and Lucy Grubb melts them together with easy going class. For a young woman of only 23, her voice has a weary, lived in quality which is just perfect for a song like this; and her band really do her justice, staying in the background and leaving the singer in the spotlight.
In the UK, Lucy’s native East Anglian accent is often made fun of; but you’d never guess that she was from anywhere other than the heartlands of America, without ever forcing an unsightly ‘twang’ on the winsome Other Side and especially so, on the cinematic and bittersweet finale When It Rains; which treads carefully around being maudlin …… with yet again Lucy’s gorgeously expressive voice saving the day.
Which only leaves me to tell you about You Don’t Do Anything which is a straight up Honky-Tonkin’ Country song; of the finest hue, conjuring up memories of Tammy and maybe even Dolly in the way she tells her story of a crumbling relationship …… easily making it my Favourite Song here by a Country Mile and I’d absolutely love to hear a whole album like it.
I will never understand how one act can become a Star while others of similar or gifted with actual talent can be left behind; let’s not let that happen to Lucy Grubb; this 4 track EP is only sample of what she’s capable of ….. help her make the next step on her career.

Released June 4th 2021


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