Jody and The Jerms SENSATION E.P

Jody and The Jerms
Self Release/Bandcamp

Infectious Post-Pandemic Indie-Americana Hybrid

At my age I shouldn’t really be surprised at the vagaries of the music scene, but I have to admit that being asked to review this EP has expanded my music knowledge.
While trying to find out more about the band I discovered that they had a link to The Anydays; who apparently toured way back in the nineties with the likes of Radiohead and Supergrass so I may/must well have seen them as support at a Supergrass gig.
To still be active over 25 plus years later would indicate they either really enjoy their music or they are daft – I am running with the former!
Based in Oxford and with a lead singer, Jody, who prior to 2019 hadn’t ever sung live, their single, ‘Get Me Out’ (like the rest of us mere mortals) they fell foul of the pandemic, so only managed a single gig before the normal world came crashing down. It was to their credit that they already had an album ‘Deeper;’ out last September which certainly got some them some positive attention.
But, can they carry on where they left off, is the $64,000 question?
Jody is a lead singer who just throws herself into things whole heartedly, and the first few bars of ‘Sensation’’ had me driven crazy trying to recall the track it had immediately reminded me of.
Eventually I realised it was Meilyr Jones and ‘How to Recognise a Work of Art’.
This is jangly guitar at its best and its a very infectious opener that would go down well as a gig opener.
‘Nemesis’ is a slower and softer offering and Jody hits just the right mark on this much gentler but quite pleasant track, before we move on to ‘Sunshine Rays.’ A totally different song both in terms of delivery and musical phrasing, with drums featuring far more prominently; backing a slinky slide guitar solo.
The final track, ‘Never Going Home’ is a very good finale in the manner of someone like the Go Betweens and, for me, a nod to some early Slow Club stuff too.
Classic Indie Pop (assuming this is still an acceptable phrase in 2021).
There is no doubt that ‘Sensation’ is the highlight track, but overall this is a set that would certainly attract me to a live gig (they are apparently on the way back) to see if they can back up their pleasing sound in a small club setting like Newcastle’s Cluny.
I suspect they wouldn’t let me down.
Good luck to them – it’s a hard time for small bands to be pushing their music; so any assistance from local and community radio will definitely be beneficial.

Review by Billy ‘Two Jabs’ Redhead.


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