Future Folk
Friendly Faces Different Spaces
The Slow Music Movement Record Label

An Intriguing Mix That Helps Push The Boundaries of Folk Music.

Folk music has about as many definitions as it does sub-genres and folks involved.
One thing nearly all types of Folk music has in common though, is that it brings people together. Whether to experience it as a listener or as a performer.
Future Folk began as a collaboration of people spread across the globe with the intent of attempting to help push the centuries old tradition of Folk Music into new sonic territories.
Compilation albums can often be scattered in concept, and barely held together in mode; but this one feels neatly tied together from start to finish; a charming thread of musical silver running throughout, weaving it all together.
This could be a modern Folk supergroup, so intertwined are the disparate parts.
A few highlights: The duo of Alula Down – Kate Gathercole and Mark Waters, updates the ancient story of Orpheus and Eurydice with ethereal voice alongside feedback from a mobile phone along with guitar, bass, and percussion in the opening track “Sir Orfeo.”
Bróna McVittie’s “A Pity Beyond All Telling” fuses electric harp and synthesizer, with a mantra-like evocation that touches the soul, making it both haunting AND soothing.
Me Lost Me performs an improvised a Capella song, “Nightingale,” adding touches of digital effects which give the vocals a disconnected quality, adding an unearthly touch to an already beautiful performance.
Listen carefully to “This Is A Robbery,” by Pete Thompson and you will discover it is more than just the guitar loops and lo-fi samples that make up its musical bed.
The disparate vocals seethe, the tension builds, it’s a song about a snapshot in time, a moment that will change life forever for everyone involved.
Several of the tunes here are ambient, droning, a mixture of old instruments and twenty-first century digital manipulations; some work well ….. others?
Less so.
Yet, all are intriguing.
I’m not entirely convinced they’ve yet pushed Folk into entirely new places, but it’s a healthy attempt.
That said; I’m looking forward to hearing more from all of the artists contained on this magical album.

Artists: Jeffrey Silverstein, Andrew Tuttle, Avocet, Bróna McVittie, Ben McElroy, Alula Down, Me Lost Me, El Conejo, Black Brunswicker, Scott William Urquhart, Geir Sundstøl, The Howard Hughes Suite, Tracy Chow, Pete Thompson

The Slow Music Movement is an evolving organism with an ambitious evolutionary plan. It was launched in 2017 as a radio show & daily music recommendation service with a focus on largely laid back, quality music, from independent artists & labels that we’ve dug a bit deeper to discover. We then share that music across the social media landscape.

Every Bit Helps
We donate a percentage of all label /streaming revenue to Client Earth to help mitigate our environmental impact & try and make a difference.

Released 15th April 2021
Review by the Legendary Roy Peak.


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