Jesse Brewster
The Lonely Pines
Crooked Prairie Records

Full to the Brim with Imaginative, Classy and Personal Country Rockers of All Hues.

Where to start? This album intrigued me as soon as I took it out of the packaging; primarily because of the beautiful painting that makes up the cover; but ‘alas’ it had arrived after the Release Date and the Team and I were beavering away trying to hit future deadlines; so there it sat until last Friday night when I accidentally uploaded it to my IPhone then serendipitously played it on the second half of my constitutional walk on Saturday morning (this after listening to 6 other opening tracks that didn’t appeal).
Some days; that’s how I select albums to review ….. it’s not Rocket Science!
There was something Tom Petty/ John Mellencamp that instantly caught my attention on and during Let’s Run Away …….. power chords, catchy Country Rock melody and slightly edgy lyrics about star crossed lovers ……. come on; that’s all we love about Rock and Roll in four minutes; isn’t it? It certainly did Springsteen no harm.
While Track II Kicking and Screaming doesn’t exactly live up to the title; it’s an intensely brooding and claustrophobic song of rejection that runs parallel to that pot-boiling opener; that’s for sure.
To some greater or lesser degree Brewster’s nomadic childhood and subsequent life ‘on the road’ effects the way he constructs his songs and songwriting; with no two sounding the same; but pulled together create a series of fascinating stories that reflect a life well lived; broken hearts included.
After all these years you’d think there would be nothing left to say about love and said ‘broken hearts’ but Jesse Brewster seems to have taken this as a personal challenge and comes out shining like a beacon with No One To Blame and the delightful Woman In My Mind (does she really exist or is she a fantasy in his mind? Who knows?).
I certainly wasn’t expecting anything as articulate and reflective as Follow It Down, with it’s punchy Folk Rock stylings; but looking back at what comes before it; why not and it fits in perfectly; especially that sublime guitar playing.
Although five albums into a longish career, Jesse Brewster is a new name to me; but a welcome one as my dilemma for selecting a single Favourite Track suggests, with all three sitting slap bang in the middle; coming one after the other like a Summer storm.
There’s a glorious Honky-Tonk/Roadhouse feel to Bitter Pill that reminded me of Scot Daniel Meade a couple of albums ago; but when I listened again a few days later the story unravelled and I was left going “Oh!” …… “Oooohhh!” check it out yourself …. it’s an absolute belter; in an understated manner.
Then there is Southern, which immediatly follows.
The mournful Southern, with the chorus
“Sometimes it’s tough being Southern”
is a lot less Skynard as it is Jason Isbell, American Aquarium and Drive-By Truckers in the way Brewster spells it his love for the much maligned Southern States that have produced so many things that have helped make America Great; but are sadly more known for the darker aspects of the inhabitants behaviour.
Sad but true.
Then; there is Close To Home; one of Brewster’s ‘Covid Songs;’ written and recorded during Lockdown and giving this World Wide Wanderer the time to reflect on what he really has in his life, and that’s the people around him that allows him to be who he is …….. a song many of us can relate to as the New Dawn beckons; making it my actual Favourite Song on an album full to the brim with imaginative, classy and personal songs that will make your pulse race then melt your heart.

Released 05 March 2021


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