Roseanne Reid
Horticulture EP
Last Man

The Sound of a Bright Young Artist Finding Her Voice.

Roseanne Reid’s debut “Trails” had the full polish production job, but here with “Horticulture” she’s developed her own approach and sound on an EP self-recorded at home.
Lead track “You Underestimate Me” was put out as a teaser single and its sharp, reverb drenched guitar and Roseanne’s direct close mic vocals give it a directness and urgency that leap out at the listener.
“Tentsmuir Sky” which has also recently been released with an accompanying video is simple in idea, but superb in execution – finger-picked warm guitar and twangy leads. Cracklingly emotive vocals and soaring backing vocals for added dynamics, make an epic yet confessional sound.
“Fly High,” which was new to these ears repeats the trick, but with added swelling strings.
The beauty in this is also in its imperfections – squeaky string bends, room reflections all add to the humanity and warmth of the performance.
“Passing through,” the other track of the four on the EP adds mandolin and harmonica to frame a picked guitar and front and centre vocal; and it’s simply exquisite.
An all too-brief EP, but better to leave folks wanting more; as they say – this is the sound of a young artist finding her voice and putting it literally; and metaphorically front and centre.
After all, an artist is the best person to know how the music in their head should sound – and Roseanne Reid is showing with the Horticulture EP, that she’s capable of being a multi-faceted threat on both sides of the desk.

Review by Nick Barber

EP Released April 10th 2021


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