RMHQ Music Hour Ep:9

RMHQ Music Hour Ep:9

Time is flying by; it’s the end of February and just as we can see light at the end of the Covid Tunnel here’s the 9th edition of the Rocking Magpie Music Hour.
Plenty of brand new songs of course but some Classic and not so Classic oldies too; and this week’s Gateway Album; courtesy Robert Connolly Farr features not one but TWO wonderful songs from one artist in two legendary bands!
The closing track this week comes from Kinky Friedman ….. his version of Lee Marvin’s (I was born under a) Wanderin’ Star; a song I played over and over again deeop into the night after my prostate operation; 6 years ago.

Stay safe; wear a mask.

Sara Petite#9 PodcastCrash, Boom Bang
Uncle Brent and Nstone#9 PodcastSalt and Lime Single
Shawn Pittman#9 PodcastTake a Real Good Look
Grainne Duffy#9 PodcastDon’t You Cry For Me
Robert Connelly Farr#9 PodcastIf it was up to me
Robert Connelly Farr#9 PodcastGateway Selection #1
Robert Connelly Farr#9 PodcastGateway Selection #2
Robbie Robertson#9 PodcastCrazy River
Ox#9 PodcastEl Camino Pt 1
Sarah King#9 PodcastWar Pigs
George Welch#9 PodcastShe loves you
Joanna Conner#9 PodcastPart Time Love
Teenage Fanclub#9 PodcastSparkys Dream
Susan Anders#9 PodcastWave That Rocks Me
Kinky Friedman#9 PodcastBorn under a wanderin star

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