RMHQ Music Hour Episode:8

Here we go with our 8th Music Hour podcast ……. the usual something old, new and Blues including three new tracks from Johnny Mastro, Sara Petite and KB Bayley; some rocking Blues from Big Harp George and Wily Bo, and loads of cool Roots music via Sarah Shook, Eve Selis and Danny & The Champions of the World.
Shipcote who who co-hosts the Jumping Hot Club in Newcastle had his 60th birthday this week; so we played his Mr Wonderful track as a treat FROM ME TO HIM; FROM HIM TO ME!.
The Gateway song comes from RMHQ writer Roy Peak who selected Patti Smith!
Stay safe ….. wear a mask.

1Big Harp George#8 PODCASTChew Before You Swallow
2Wily Bo#8 PODCASTWho’s Loving You Tonight?
3Sarah Shook#8 PODCASTDamned If I Do; Damned If I Don’t
4Bill Meyer GRAND NATIONALS#8 PODCASTWe ain’t giving up on love
5Roy Peak#8 PODCASTQueen of the Knock Out Rose
6Roy Peak#8 PODCASTintro
7Roy Peak#8 PODCASTPatti Smith FREE MONEY
8Johnny Mastro#8 PODCASTChild Wolf
9KB Bayley#8 PODCASTBlood Red Lullaby
10Sarah Petite#8 PODCASTFloating With the Angels
11Shipcote#8 PODCASTMr Wonderful
12Danny and the Champions of the World#8 PODCASTNever Stop Building That Old Space Rocket
13Eve Selis#8 PODCASTRussellville

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