And There It Is
Kaloo Kalay Recordings

Last Dance of The Night Country Heartbreakers And More.

While the band’s name Araluen pr: Ar-A-Loo-En may have made me think they were a bunch of lank haired Folkies; as soon as I knew this was a vehicle for Australian guitarist/songwriter Paul Lush, I knew that at least I was going to be interested in the contents herein.
Paul Lush?
He was a session player extraordinaire until he linked up with, first Alan Tyler of The Rockingbirds then one of our favourite bands of all time; Danny and The Champions of the World.
Any reservations I had disappeared within the first 30 seconds of Into The Arms of Another; initially by the sound of Henry Senior’s wailing pedal steel geetar; but when Angela Gannon’s Dusty Springfieldesque voice sashayed out of the office speakers my knees actually went all wobbly. Even if this song was a one of a kind 45RPM single, it would be something you would cherish for a lifetime; more so if you were recently heartbroken (remember those nights in your lonely bedroom?) ….. but; it’s not even in the best 5 songs here …… it just gets better and better and better.
Lush’s songwriting is a contemporary take on Classic Country and I’m not a million miles away when I mentioned Dusty; this is a bit like Dusty in Nashville without any over powering strings.
Songs like Things I Wanted to Say To You, Killing Time and Never in The Moment are so tightly packaged, you can sense the heartbreak in every note and syllable that comes out of your speakers.
Paul somehow manages to tap into genuine Country Heartbreak like so few have managed in the last twenty plus years; listening to Angela literally pouring her heart out on The Only Hearts Alive Tonight and Nice Idea At The Time you will conjure up images of Bobbie Gentry or Sandy Posey singing the words of Faron Young or …… dare I say it …. Willie Nelson in his early days.
I dare you to sit on your lonesome one Saturday night and listen to It Was Real To Me and not find a salty tear fighting to get out of your eye …… try it, I dare you (even if you are in a solid relationship.)
The band Paul Lush has assembled to support Angela Gannon’s vocals are truly exceptional; never flashy or boringly solid; they compliment her golden voice as much as they lift the songwriters words and arrangements into very lofty heights indeed.
There’s even a rambunctious instrumental Oh Yeah! that gives the band a few minutes in the spotlight on a toe-tapper that throws The Shadows, Duane Eddy, Chet Atkins and Booker T Jones into a musical blender and come out the other side like a Country cherry-bomb.
Wow; selecting a Favourite Song hasn’t been easy at all; mostly because every single song stand up and apart on its own measure; but a couple really have impressed me from Day #1.
The opening song Into The Arms of Another was a shoe-in, of course; but the swoonsome And There It Is is the type of ‘last song of the night’ that we all love; but never hear any more.
Which pretty much only leaves The Girl Will Do; swirling organ, searing pedal-steel, industrial strength bass/drums combo and Paul Lush’s intricate guitar flourishes all serving Angela Gannon very, very well as she shows a will of steel that only a woman can.
Obviously, it’s fair to say I’ve fallen in love with this album; but so has Mrs. Magpie ……. which shows you the crossover appeal it has and will have; appealing to not just snobs like me but music lovers like my wife too.

Released January 29th 2021


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