Grainne Duffy VOODOO BLUES

Voodoo Blues


A Fully Paid Up Member of the ‘Lady Plays The Blues’ Clan.

Over time Ireland; both North and South has produced some of the world’s finest musicians, finest singers and finest song-writers that fit comfortably into most accepted genres of popular music.
So, if you didn’t know already, Blues Singer and guitarist extraordinaire, Grainne Loucia Duffy easily hits the criteria to stand up proud, side by side with all those who came before her.

Voodoo Blues is the 5th. album from the native of Co. Monaghan and surely consolidates her place in the Blues, Soul and Americana fields; not just in Europe but throughout the entire World.
A talented vocalist, a genuine guitar player and a substantial, eloquent song-writer she makes an indelible impression with this powerful new release.
Long time band member Paul Sherry not only adds some sparkling guitar but co-wrote all the songs with Grainne, whilst the album itself has been well produced by the multi-talented Troy Miller who adds his drumming skills to all ten cuts, as well as providing swirling Hammond Organ too.

The title track “Voodoo Blues” undoubtedly sets the tone with an up-tempo, stomping blues tune that also has a memorable chorus.
Slightly slower is “Mercy” with Miiller’s Hammond aiding the atmospheric backing behind the superb, wide-ranging, expressive vocals.
Another strong beat pumps “Blue Skies” with catchy guitar riffs, subtle organ fills and further evidence that the lyrics and chorus are instantly familiar.

You can clearly see just where Grainne and Paul Sherry have their strong US influences, no more so than the John Fogerty inspired “Roll It” which has a genuine foot-tapping Swampy beat that you don’t ever want to end. “No Matter What I Do” and “Don’t You Cry for Me” are the slower cuts that are no-where near token gestures, both could quite easily have been recorded in Muscle Shoals with full backing by the legendary Swampers themselves.
So, full credit to Grainne, Paul and Troy plus their very solid Bassist, Dale Davis.

Hard Rain” is the album closer maintaining the very high standard throughout a really excellent album, with more catchy chorus chants for you to pick up on, even on first play.
Tick Tok” and “Wrek It” are both up-front Blues, power chords with boogie guitar type songs that don’t let the side down.

However, my favourite song is the anthemic “Shine;” with another very positive sing-a-long chorus that will have you grinning from ear to ear. Fact is, close your eyes you could be transported to an outdoor festival in warmer climes with this Southern Rock crowd pleaser.

For those people who still think “Blues Music” is depressing and doom laden, then here is the album to reverse your previous judgement and perception.
Voodoo Blues just might be the album that finally opens your ears and eyes to the talented Grainne Duffy; as she delivers a splendid set of songs that not just lifts the listeners spirits, but confirms that the likes of Bonnie Raitt, Shaun Murphy, Teresa James et-al now have a new member of the ‘Lady Plays The Blues’ clan, and one who can clearly justify her place at the top table.

Released in UK on 15th. October 2020

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