The Dark and the Water
Fresh Yo! Record Label

A Power-Pop Trio That Fully Rocks and Engages Too
GUMO is a band of Tuscany musicians: Alberto Serafni, Manuel Schicchi and Juri De Luca, who split their time between Italy and Texas,, and were the award winning backing band for Americana artist Vanessa Peters on three of her albums from 2006 through 2009 (credited to their former band name Ice Cream On Mondays.)

As a backing band they were spot-on, both tasteful and adventurous when needed. On their own, they’re all jangle pop with pounding drums, searing guitars, thick bass tones, and dry, under sung vocals that remind me sometimes of glam rockers T-Rex, other times of Scot’s pre-grunge band the Vaselines, and even Dinosaur Jr. all wrapped up with the wryness of the Velvet Underground.
This is fun stuff, indeed. Lead guitar melodies that’ll stick in your brain for days, along with smart poppy lyrics and sing-a-long choruses.
Their closest modern counterparts are probably that Philadelphia madman Jo Kusy and perhaps Scott McCaughey (Scott the Hoople, himself.)
GUMO isn’t as lo-fi as Kusy, or as prolific as McCaughey, but they share the same sense of whimsy and free for all rock ‘n’ roll spirit hard to come by nowadays.
Leave the heady trips for the “Americana” bands, this is fun rock to dance and shimmy fearlessly to all night long and then some—and lord knows we all need that right about now! Listen to those up and down guitar leads on their song “Alright,” a glam-rock rave-up if I ever heard one.
“Lord” is a down tempo twang-drone with marching snare and circular melody while “Stood Up Straight” slams relentlessly as it barrels past you like a New York subway train.
“Trying” kicks off with funky bass and guitar before the vocals slink in and the drums keep your feet moving. A toe-tapper of a song for sure!
All of these tunes are played hard and furious, precise and cool— if this is GUMO in the studio; they must be one helluva band live!
I’m trying to think of some criticism here but really have none. A great band is the sum of their parts, and GUMO’s parts fit together seamlessly. A power trio that fully rocks and engages its listeners, paying homage to their inspirations, while shooting for the stars.

Review courtesy The Legendary Roy Peak.

Released October 16th 2020


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