The Reckless One
Gypsy Soul/ Factor

Sizzling Old-Time R&B and Soul Straight Outta Canada.

Ignore Canadian Blues Music at your peril.
Over the years the likes of Jeff Healey, Sue Foley, Colin James and Matt Andersen have all valiantly flown the flag, plus JW Jones and even Colin Linden can also be added to list too.
Now, make room for the talented Samantha Martin.

With 5 previous albums, stretching back to 2008, she’s certainly not the new kid on the block, but there’s no doubting that her development has distinctly propelled forward since the concept of Delta Sugar was added to her armoury 6 years ago.
Now, late in this crazy year we have the follow up to 2018’s very well received Run to Me and it elevates the Toronto native onto a whole other level.
Gypsy Soul Records have patiently held back the new albums’ full release after a couple of teaser singles were made available earlier in the summer.

The Reckless One has twelve Blues & Soul numbers, eleven of which Samantha had more than a hand in writing, with the odd one being from the pen of someone called Bob Dylan.
All credit to the actual producers: Renan Yildizdogan and Darcy Yates, who have ensured that there is variation and a wide spectrum of sounds. For my money, the overall finished item being closer to product that previously came out of Muscle Shoals or Jackson rather than Memphis and Detroit.

Love is All Around” gets the party started with a full punchy horn section complementing the vocals of Samantha followed by the stomping, floor filling, foot-tapping “Don’t Have to Be;” which has a special bonus of a pleasant Garth Hudson sounding organ solo.
We then have the audacious funky cover of Dylan’s “Meet Me in The Morning,” which sounds as though it was recorded way down at Cosimo Studios, in the Big Easy and produced by Toussaint & Sehorn.

There are a couple of slower, gospely, numbers too; with “Better to Have Never” and “I’ve Got a Feeling,” highlighting the excellent, controlled vocals, aided by a churchy organ.
If you like St. Paul & the Broken Bones then there are four or five sultry mid-tempo numbers that smoulder and shine in that same sort of vein, whilst the up-beat duo “Sacrifice” and “Pass Me By” conjure up images of when Phil Spector successfully attempted to influence Ike & Tina in the mid 1960s.

Honestly, I struggled to pull out a favourite, mainly because there’s not a duff song on the album. The consistent quality runs right throughout, just like a stick of Blackpool Rock.
Oh, go on then, the gem I’ll cast my vote for is one of the sultry, mid-tempo numbers; “So I Always Know,” which has the catchy chorus of
Tell me so I’ll always know,
I hear your secrets,
whispered soft and low,
Tell me so I’ll always know’.

From the above, you can hopefully ascertain that Samantha Martin plus her team of musicians and studio maestros have delivered a truly splendid album.
The Reckless One is anything but reckless, as it is a dozen well measured and well balanced songs which, to me, are genuine sounding Old-Time R&B/Soul that certainly hit the spot.
NB I won’t be surprised if the people who decide on Juno or Grammy Awards have their eye on this most enjoyable album.

Released on 20th. November 2020
Jack KiddMessin’ with the Kidd” on


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