Jimmy The Dog
Shuffle ‘n Swing
Self-Release/Studio Dawg

Contemporary Jumpin’ Jive with Plenty of Saturday Night Swing Too.

One of the best nights out I ever had was seeing Joe Jackson’s Jumpin’ Jive at Newcastle Mayfair.
I even wore a tuxedo jacket and bow-tie, and if I remember correctly and the album it came from was a staple on the stereo for months; alongside Louis Jordan, Cab Calloway and a rake of VA LP’s I bought in the same vein too.
Leap forward near 40 years and on the day that “We the cats ‘ll Hep ya” popped into my head; this charming re-release from Jimmy The Dog arrived.
With everything going on in the world during Autumn 2020 this just may be the album I’ve been willing someone to record; or in the case of Jim Ferrie aka Jimmy The Dog; re-release after a polish up and dust down.
While very much in the style of those Swinging Cats opening track Betty Boo has a contemporary ‘rocky’ edge to it; but that more likely due to Ferrie’s Gallus Scot’s brogue than anything else; the song itself is both danceable and fun, fun, fun.
What follows is generally in that style too; especially Time of My Life and while the band are much smaller than the orchestras you associate with Swing/Jazz but nor does it sound like it was recorded on a budget; as there’s no doubting the pedigree when you hear Playin’ in the Key of Relaxation, Angelina and/or Supposin’; but then again when the band consists of key members from Ronnie Scott’s house band; Dominic Thatcher, Max Fagandini and Louisa Minas class, sophistication and style are always going to be at the forefront; aren’t they?
Originally available as a download; for this CD Ferrie has included a splendiferous Christmas duet with Louisa; sounding uncannily like the double acts of my youth.
For a Favourite Track I’m torn.
Do I go for the Uber-Cool Swing-Noir duet that closes the album; Let’s Do It Anyway, which just oozes charm and sass; or my original choice of Workin’ On a Dream?
Probably the latter, with Ferrie crooning in a way that Alex Harvey would have been proud of; and not for the first or last time; the arrangement swings like those couples did in the 1970’s!
Shuffle ‘n Swing has been a total joy this week; a veritable Jazz-Swing antidote to both Coronavirus AND the USA Elections, which is quite some feet for what was originally a bit of fun in the studio.

Released November 1st 2020


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