Josie Bello
Have Purpose Live Long

Atmospheric Lo-Fi Americana Worthy of a David Lynch Country Movie.

I’d not heard of Josie Bello prior to receiving this album; and took for-granted she would be a ‘Folk Singer’ of some sort because of the Agent I received it via; so what a pleasant surprise it was to hear some modern Americana drenched Country making its way out of my headphones on the opening (and title track) Have Purpose Live Long.
There’s some charming lo-fi and almost hypnotic pedal-steel, accordion and guitar accompaniment to Josie’s laid back song, with her vocals sounding ethereal in the mix.
Next up is Magic Of The Music; which is very nearly an instrumental, not dissimilar in construction to Blue Velvet; way back when but with a Honky-Tonk melody.

Once I’d thought of that connection I still can’t get that ‘David Lynch connection’ out of my head.
It’s pretty obvious that Josie Bello is from a deep seated Country background; but her melodies and arrangements are as far removed from Hank and Reba as you can get; this is music from her heart and financial success at the top of the Hit Parade is not on the agenda at all.
Even the most ‘commercial’ songs here; I Bleed Human and Party With The Saints will still only appeal to the cognoscenti among us rather than someone idly scrolling through Spotify; but then again if 1 in 100 who do that stumble on these songs and stick with them …….. they will most likely become lifelong fans.
I not only have an open-mind but a broad one too when it comes to music so I’ve got a soft spot for the heart crushing simplicity of Hole In My Heart. The first time I heard it I was left wide-eyed and mouthing ‘phwoar’ to no one in particular.
This ‘heartbreaker’ is actually preceded by the tender love song Twenty Five Years; which may or may not be loosely based on Josie’s relationship with husband Frank Bello; or if not it should be.
For a Favourite Song I’ve been sorely tempted to select Not The America of My Dreams; another ‘almost instrumental’ with its church like choir; but I’ve decided to go for All It Takes Is Time; another in Josie’s ‘alt-commercial’ style; as it’s a song of the highest quality that deserves to be heard by as wide an audience as possible.
That last sentence sums up my feelings towards the whole album; Josie Bello’s music takes a little from a lot of genres to combine to become something quite unlike anyone else I can actually think of; which is a rarity around this office.

Released North America 1st August 2020
Released Europe October 20th 2020

One thought on “Josie Bello HAVE PURPOSE LIVE LONG

  1. Thank you for this fine and detailed review of my album. I appreciate the time you took to carefully listen and respond to many of the finer points of my lyrics, melodies and instrumentation. It is an honor for me to share my music with an audience beyond the U.S. and reviews such as this one make that even more possible. Best wishes to you for continued success and good health. Sincerely, Josie Bello

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