Drive-By Truckers NEW OK (Single)

Drive-By Truckers
New OK
ATO Records

Just like London busses; you wait ages for a new Drive-By Truckers album to come along and just as the first one arrives, a new one comes hurtling around the corner!

This single; which is also the title track from a shiny new Album arrived late yesterday; and the album (download) was waiting on the laptop first thing this morning ……. so guess what I will be playing on the way too and from work?

As you will hear; the single is chock full of sharp, incisive and biting lyrics about the times we find ourselves in; all set to a summery beat and Beach Boysesque harmonies; which are hopefully destined to fool radio producers.

I will leave it to Patterson to tell you about the album; and why it’s being ‘rush released’ ………..

Drive-By Truckers’ 13th studio album ‘The New OK’ arrives mere months after the release of the band’s highly acclaimed ‘The Unraveling’.
Originally conceived as a quarantine EP collecting material recorded in Memphis during sessions for ‘The Unraveling’, the project quickly grew to include provocative new songs written and recorded over what Drive-By Truckers co-founder Patterson Hood calls “this endless summer of protests, riots, political shenanigans and pandemic horrors.”
Tracks such as Hood’s “Watching The Orange Clouds” – inspired by the protests which followed George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police – and a fiery cover of The Ramones’ classic ‘The KKK Took My Baby Away’ (vocals by bassist Matt Patton) were exchanged between Hood, co-founding singer/songwriter/guitarist Mike Cooley, bassist Patton, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Jay Gonzalez, drummer Brad Morgan and then mixed by longtime DBT producer David Barbe.
The result, says Hood, is “a full album that hopefully balances out the darkness of our current situation with a hope for better days and nights ahead.

To call these past few months trying would be a dramatic understatement.”
Hood continues; “Our lives are intertwined with our work in ways that give us our best songs and performances. It is a life that has often rewarded us beyond our wildest dreams. Speaking for myself, I don’t have hobbies, I have this thing I do.
To be sidelined with a brand new album and have to sit idly while so much that I love and hold dear falls apart before my very eyes has been intense, heartbreaking, anger provoking and very depressing.
It has gone to the very heart of our livelihoods and threatened near everything that we have spent our lives trying to build.
Here’s to the hope that we can make 2021 a better year than this one has been.
In the meantime, here’s to THE NEW OK!”

The New OK
Tough To Let Go
The Unraveling
The Perilous Night
Sarah’s Flame
Sea Island Lonely
The Distance
Watching The Orange Clouds
The KKK Took My Baby Away

Single – Released October 1st 2020
Album – Released October 2nd 2020

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