Bradford LIKE WATER (Single)

Like Water
Republic of Music

Morrisey’s Prediction Finally Comes to Fruition …… 30 Years Later!

When I saw the band’s name, Bradford on the review request I tried to recall if I had seen them way back when; but as I tended to turn up only to see the headliners back then, they may well have been on the bill without me even realising.
It was 30 years ago that Morrissey came out with his ‘the band to blaze a trail in English indie music’ prediction – said band being Bradford, a Blackburn skinhead outfit. Released in 1990 and backed up with support slots for Joe Strummer and Sugarcubes surely stardom loomed.
The best laid plans etc….
Bradford found themselves swamped by ‘Madchester’ and lost their label in 1991.
History lesson over – now the good part.
After the re-release of their album, Bradford hit the studio again and an album is planned (all being well) for early 2021 with this track ‘Like Water’ a ‘starter for ten’ to get fans on board again.
It’s a catchy little track delivered by a band that seem to have slotted back into their previous regime very easily. The track mirroring their own experience ‘as you pour water into the ground it just disappears quickly’ in the same way that the hopes and dreams of Bradford disappeared.
A guitar based funky song that is certainly evidence that their song writing ability hasn’t disappeared like water – a very catchy number a la The Coral dealing with the locals ‘shouting about their medication’ in a comment equally applicable to 2020 or 1990.
Enough to make their 2021 album something to look forward to but with ‘better luck next time’.

Review courtesy The Original ‘Rocking Magpie’ Bill Redhead.

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