The Pleasure’s All Mine
Last Music Co.

Pioneering Guitar Legend Oozes Pure Unadulterated Class.

Four times Grammy winner Jimmie Vaughan isn’t just a guitarist from Texas and he isn’t just regarded by many as one of the purest, finest blues players to grace this earth.
Here’s what I think he is; an absolute pioneering guitar legend who can pick a song from almost any genre and then effortlessly convert that song into a rootsy blues song.
So there!

After releasing “Do You Get the Blues” in 2001, there was a 9 year gap in him making another solo studio album. However, in 2010 those astute people at London based Proper Records mutually initiated a return to recording, which resulted in “Blues, Ballads and Favourites”.
This stunning album, covering what could be regarded as The Great American Blues Songbook, featured some guest vocalists, including long-time collaborator, the sassy and soulful Lou Ann Barton.
Then in 2011 the concept and formula was replicated with the same musicians going back into the same studio for “More Blues, Ballads and Favourites”.

So to celebrate those twin pivotal experiences of a decade (or so) ago and to also satisfy the in-vogue U-Turn trend by the music buying public of returning to 12” vinyl, The Last Music Co. (a division of Proper Music) will release a special 3 LP collection, covering both those albums, entitled The Pleasure’s All Mine.
There’s also a 2 CD version for those (like me) who prefer to continue to purchase their music and maintain their collection, having the best of both worlds, a CD on the shelves plus a digital version for the MP3 player of your choice. If you missed them first time around, then now is the time for rectification.

Both albums were recorded, similar to the originals, “Live in the studio” and in “mono” too, fitting together like the proverbial glove.
The superb horn section of Greg Piccolo and Doug James (both ex Roomful of Blues) are prominent throughout, whilst the rhythm section (George Rains on Drums and Ronnie James on Bass) are granite solid.
From the first album you also have the bonus of ex-King Records house band organist, the legendary Bill Willis, who gets to croon lead vocals on “Funny How Time Slips Away”.

You can easily imagine Jimmie and his brother growing up in Dallas, listening to the various Border Radio Stations blasting out such classic, vintage material and being subsequently, heavily influenced by each and every song they heard.
I remember reading somewhere that Jimmie could never differentiate between the musical genres of country, pop and blues, which is testimony to what you hear on The Pleasure’s All Mine.
Whilst there are a few obscurities, the 31 songs range from the catalogues of Willie Nelson, Gene Autry and Mel Tillis of Country, to the Swampy Pop of Lloyd Price and Bobby Charles, on to the Rock’n Roll of Little Richard then to the Rhythm & Blues of Nappy Brown and Ray Charles as well as, of course, the straight Blues from the likes of Jimmy Reed, Guitar Junior and Roy Milton.

What is most impressive though is that once you hear the renowned tone and timing of his guitar playing, coupled with the expressive, laid back vocals, then you realise that the music patently oozes pure unadulterated class.
Thereby, ensuring that it’s you, the lucky listener, who receives all of the pleasure.

Jack Kidd: “Messin’ with the Kidd” on lionheartradio.com

Released 30th October. 2020


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