New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers VOL 1

New Moon Jelly Roll Freedom Rockers
Volume 1
Stony Plain

100% Proof That True Blues Music Is Here to Stay.

“The blues go, but it don’t stop.” so said John Lee Hooker.
In early 2008, producer Jim Dickinson gathered together roots musicians Charlie Musselwhite and Alvin Youngblood Hart, along with Jimbo Mathus and brothers Cody and Luther Dickinson, to spend a few nights jamming and recording a “hardcore blues” session.
They all gathered in a circle on the floor of the studio, Dickinson set up some room mics to capture the performance and, over the next few nights, they improvised one song after another, taking turns singing, letting the music flow naturally. It’s nice that during a time of so many musicians recording songs while playing to a click track, and then piling on layers of overdubs, that we can still get old school honesty and true authenticity in music nowadays.
Musicians in the moment, feeling the music as it flows through them.
Jim Dickinson finished mixing this series of performances before he passed away in 2009, but it’s just now seeing the light of day, and right now with this damn world-wide pandemic happening, it’s just in time!
Are you ready for shack-shaking blues?
Harmonica runs that bring to mind feverish howling winds?
Drums that crack and tumble through the transitions like a south-bound train?
Distorted guitar ruffs which strike like lightning and hit like thunder?
Gruff, world weary vocals that ain’t afraid to reach for that bottle of lightning and moan the blues away?
You got it all aplenty from those initial harp bursts that start this album, with the tune “Blues Why You Worry Me,” sung by Charlie Musselwhite as if his life depended on it .
You can tell straight away that you’re in for for a barn burner of a tune; no showing off here or on the other nine songs either, just ready-made Blues and plenty of dirt floor funk.
A personal favorite of mine on this collection is a fun version of the Canned Heat classic “Let’s Work Together,” sung by the main-man Jim Dickinson himself which brings to mind ? and the Mysterians — which is always a good thing!
“Strange Land” has plenty of searing guitar and harmonica along with an urgent vocal by Musselwhite; to make a Blues believer out of anyone.
“Stone Free” is the Jimi Hendrix tune; but now with mangled guitar and really ‘out there’ harp runs, done justice with an all out and abandoned take.
“Stop and Listen Blues” closes this set with some authentic ‘Walking Blues’ and it’s obvious that these guys know the blues inside and out, and ain’t afraid to hit it every which way that works for them.
Proof, therefore, that true Blues music is here to stay.
This collection may have sat idle for too many years, but I’m thinking it’s going to play on my stereo for many years to come.
Better late, than never!
Oh, and look out for Volume 2 coming out next year, containing even more from these same Blues Cats.

Review courtesy The Legendary Roy Peak.

Released 04th September 2020

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