Ruth Patterson SINK OR SWIM (Single)

Ruth Patterson
Pink Lane Records

The first time I ever saw Ruth Patterson was when Holy Moly and the Crackers played the JHC Home Fries at SummerTyne in 2012. On that day Conrad stole the show as lead vocalist; but there was something ‘special’ about the fiddle player when she sang her one and only song.
Subsequently her role in the band has built and built (as well it might) with Conrad eventually taking a step backwards as Ruth spent more time in the spotlight; and coincidentally the band’s success has grown accordingly.
Still an integral part of Holy Moly Ruth has now decided to take a sharp left turn, creatively and release her very first dark and brutally honest single under her own name ……. and according to me; the world is a better place for it!
Here’s Ruth’s own prose about the song:

“This is about living with mental instability and the battle to keep our heads above water”, Ruth states of ‘Sink or Swim’. “It’s written about a panic attack I had last year and I really felt like I was drowning… the loss of control, disappearing reality, not knowing when it will end.
Mental health problems are very prominent in my family and, growing up, it’s something that we were always able to talk about,” Ruth continues. “I am very fortunate to see my mental health as “normal”. We are all a little bit nuts and I think it’s part of being human. Being super sensitive,I feel everything around me in a really intense way: emotions, feelings,weather, sounds. Experiencing life in high definition can be wonderful but also destructive.At times, it can feel like an electrical storm in my head.
I guess this song is me sharing my own experiences and hopefully it will connect with other people that maybe feel the same way.It seems with everything that’s going on, the whole world is living in a state of anxiety. We’ve all lost a sense of control as our reality is so rapidly changing. Now, more than ever, we need to have these conversations.”

Released June 26th 2020

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