Soul Asylum BLACK & BLUE (Single)

We received Soul Asylum’s latest album a few weeks ago and like it a whole lot; and a review will be on RMHQ very soon.
In the meantime being the nice chaps they are, they are releasing a Double A-Side single on the back of the recent murder of George Floyd ……. for FREE.
To show their support for George Floyd, his family, and everyone peacefully seeking justice to be served SOUL ASYLUM are releasing free downloads and streaming of our song “Black And Blue” as well as a cover of “Nazi Punks F*ck Off” by the Dead Kennedy’s, available for download below. We highly encourage donations to “Official George Floyd Memorial Fund” on Gofundme, and also encourage you to sign the petition “Justice for George Floyd” on

Everyone should also register and vote in all elections, especially locally where you make the largest impact on change in our police and justice departments. Systems can be changed through voting, and it is important to learn about your local and national elections so you can elect people who share your points of view. We must vote out systemic racism. 

Let’s all unite to fight racism peacefully and intelligently. Nazis, racists, white supremacists and fascists, you have NO BUSINESS in our amazing city. To the rest of you beautiful people, love from Minneapolis, MN!

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