Hannah White and the Nordic Connections SELF-TITLED

Hannah White and the Nordic Connections
Hannah White and the Nordic Connections
Paper Blue Records

Cool, Crisp, Country with an Articulate Americana Edge.

With so much going on in my life at the moment this release very nearly ‘fell through the cracks’ and I may never have forgiven myself.
Bizarrely opening track, Never Get Along seemed like a simple ‘break up’ song when I first heard it a couple of weeks ago. Quite lovely in its own way, and HP Gundersen’s pedal-steel is mesmerising; but listening over the weekend as the Western World is at odds with itself politically and a-politically it now interprates as something of an anthem for love, peace and understanding …….. but perhaps it was just a love song after all; WHO KNOWS?
Phew; let’s leave that debate for another day; as the other songs here are quite magnificent; and in Hannah White Britain is flying the flag for Traditional Country music as high and fervently as possible.
Whooooo….ooo…ooo, the second song Start Again sounds a bit Country Gospellish and the way White’s voice wobbles and warbles on the chorus; like a cross between Loretta and Bobbie Gentry…… and the words are well worthy of both singers too.
Normally I’m non-plussed when acts make a big thing of recording in the analogue format; but here it genuinely gives Hannah’s pearlescent voice an added shimmer; and the every instrument played seem to twinkle like fairy lights on a Christmas tree.
Let’s get back to the songs ……… as they are what you will remember in years to come; with Pay Me a Compliment and When You’re Not Around both showing a songwriting maturity I hadn’t expected; and the sentiment in each will make women weep as they clutch the record sleeve to their heaving bosom and when men hear them, they should rightly think, ‘should do better.’
I find it quite amusing it that male Country singers write homilies to their Sainted Mothers and the female of the species write about their strong and wise fathers; and Hannah White is no different; with a rather lovely homage to her own Papa in My Father; which actually opens up lots of questions about him that I’d like answered ……. but I will leave that for another day.
While owing a lot to Classic Country in many ways; Hannah White’s songs still manage to be contemporary and even edgy in an Americana kind of way; My Father certainly fits that description as does the Murder Ballad The Darkness which surely begs an accompanying video to set your hair on end.
There’s a remarkably restrained energy on many of the songs here; possibly because of the Nordic/Norwegian connection; which brings me to the choice of song for Favourite Track status; the finale Man Without Men is as cold and icy as I’ve heard for many a year; and chillingly beautiful because of it; whereas City Beats is real olde fashioned toe-tapper with a stark undercurrent (if you listen carefully) but for the accolade itself I’m plumping for Gotta Work Harder; as Country as Country gets these days and as Contemporary as the genre gets; with a ‘full on’ production worthy of Gus Dudgeon and if you know your history; Lars Hammersland makes his Hammond sing and swing like Augie Meyes did in the Sir Douglas Quintet!
I was initially charmed by the band’s moniker which is what made me put the disc in the player; and now, a month later it’s taken on a life of its own at RMHQ and in the Magmobile too ……… and don’t be too surprised if it finds its way into the year end Top 20!

Released June 5th 2020
Buy it here https://www.hannahwhitemusic.com/shop

One thought on “Hannah White and the Nordic Connections SELF-TITLED

  1. Good morning TRM!

    I just wanted to give you a shout and let you know that I have a new cd coming out and I’ll be making sure you get a copy. I really enjoy your reviews and have been very flattered by your enjoyment of my music. Hope you are well and talk to you soon.


    On Mon, Jun 8, 2020 at 3:52 AM The Rocking Magpie wrote:

    > rockingmagpie posted: ” Hannah White and the Nordic ConnectionsHannah > White and the Nordic ConnectionsPaper Blue Records Cool, Crisp, Country > with an Articulate Americana Edge. With so much going on in my life at the > moment this release very nearly ‘fell through the ” >


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