Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective DO WHAT YOU LOVE

Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective
New Outlaw

Purveyors Of Fine British Alt. Country With a Dash of Southern Rock and Essex Chutzpah!

I have the greatest admiration for musicians who follow their own path, and steadfastly refuse to get drawn into the murky world of ‘covers bands’; which as we all know is generally more lucrative; but essentially Soul Destroying!
With musical CV’s the envy of their peers in London Town, Jamie Williams and the Roots Collective are still ploughing their very own musical furrow, regardless of financial gain or literate praise; and the world is a better place for people like them.
Their 7th release opens with the twangtastic, Time Keeps Slipping Away; evoking many happy memories of the heyday of Country Rock, with Williams raspy, wheezy and ‘lived in’ voice alongside a combination of silvery and fizzy guitar licks taking us on a road trip around their beautiful country roads.
This leads directly into I’m a Stone, which may be a metaphor for why a love affair has failed; but with a superb Bluesy riff from Robbie McIntosh and Nick Garner’s harmonica is straight from the Brian Jones guide-book; who’s to say theirs not a lot more to this song than at first heard?
Because I know his history; I know that Williams is English and sounds it; but if you just stumbled on this record in a shop or received it as a gift; that voice suddenly becomes International and perhaps even American of the Southern State persuasion; and the players behind him sound as if they only come out of the swamp after dark.
The songs criss-cross Americana and Roots with ease; Lazy Day and Held in Your Glow are so ‘Southern,’ you fear they may be banned North of the Mason-Dixon line; and Straight Down The Middle somehow mixes Jug-Band Music with Country Rock and sounds just perfect to these ears.
At other times you feel these songs are a soundtrack to a road-trip around the Southern States, with the band picking up and appropriating something useful and fun from each stop, with Life on The Road being their map.
Red Hot and Raunchy could easily be a lost Little Feet track and Dreams Come True could easily have been found on any of Tom Petty’s early albums too.
That said, The Roots Collective combine all of these varied influences to create their very own and distinctive ‘style’ and ‘sound’ which really comes through on If I Met My Hero, which features some stunning cello and guitar interplay; and I defy everyone to find a definitive set of links for the creation of album closer Dreams Can Come True.
Then of course there is the RMHQ Favourite Song, Losing Streak something of a ‘Song for our Times’. An Acoustic Alt. Country soft-rocker that brings everything together and adds the sublime pedal-steel of BJ Cole esq. to give a sad, sad song more pathos than a sane man can possibly cope with …… and I didn’t; having to wipe away a salty tear more than once.
Bands in the UK were always ‘early adopters’ for what is now known universally as Alt. Country; most notably in the halcyon Pup Rock years; but there are still plenty of bands hauling the act around the motorways and back-roads, regaling and winning fans in bars, clubs and most especially festivals; and with that in mind Jamie Williams and The Roots Collective just may be some of the finest purveyors of this glorious genre; miss them at your peril.

Released May 22nd 2020

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