SHAWN PITTMAN – Make it Right

Make it Right
Continental Blue Records/CrossCut Records

Old School? New School? Who Cares? This is Simply a Masterclass In The Blues.

No-one can be aware of every musician out there, or aware of every new release or, especially ….. be aware of everything that goes on in the music world.
Still, I don’t like it when I discover someone who’s new album is an absolute cracker, then research that musician and find out he’s been around for over 20 years and connected with some very big hitters. Well, that’s life and I take it on the chin and then thank goodness that I’ve eventually come to the party, even if it is at such a late stage.
Step forward Shawn Pittman, born in Oklahoma, educated in Dallas then remaining in Texas as a resident of Austin, where he seems to have fitted in to the hot-bed of music with no trouble at all. His new album is actually his 13th. release in 22 years and was recorded at the Heyman Studios of Erkan Ozdemir in Copenhagen during a European Tour, last summer. Producer Ozdemir also plays the Bass and his brother Levent completes the Rhythm Section on the drums with Pittman heading the trio on vocals and guitar.
The album opens with “Done Tole You So” and has a strong groove punctuated by Pittman’s stinging slide riffs.
“There Will Be a Day” highlights fast finger work on what is a typical old school blues number out of the Eddie Taylor catalogue, whilst the 6 minutes of “How Long” flashes by with two splendid guitar solos, a bluesy one following the initial jazzy one.
The vintage sounds of “Let it Go” and “Fair Weather Friend” both feature how fluent and dexterous a guitar player Shawn Pittman is. The instrumental cover of The Godfather of Soul’s “Cold Sweat” provides a strong platform for more confirmation that this boy can sure play his chosen instrument. Finally, the uptempo, bar-room boogie number “I’m Done” closes the album with some more super slide work and is for me, probably the best track on this superb album of solid blues music.
Seven of the songs were written by Pittman with the other 5 being covers from impressive and eclectic artists such as James Brown, Junior Kimbrough, Don Robey & Bobby Bland plus the previously mentioned Eddie Taylor.
The album is entitled “Make it Right” and Shawn Pittman has certainly done that and has at least added one new fan with myself. He goes onto the list of musicians for me to catch live, as soon as possible, it’s such a shame that the current world-wide Coronavirus lockdown meant his European Spring Tour has had to be cancelled.

Now, the search for his back catalogue begins.

Released April 2020

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