The Remedy Club
Independent Self-Release

A Big Country Sound Straight Outta Nashville via Ireland.

Husband and wife, KJ McEvoy and Aileen Mythen aka The Remedy Club’s last album Lovers, Legends and Lost Causes not just took me by surprise in 2017; but my peers across the printed word world too; as no one had heard of them yet the album was filled to the brim with (Alt.) Country classics from start to finish.
Well, here we now have the ‘difficult Second Album’ and ……… #SpoilerAlert …… they don’t make it sound difficult at all; and have captured the Nashville ‘spirit’ that we all love and usually have to fantasise about with ease and grace.
I was filled with anticipation as I pressed ‘play’ for the first time and must have looked like a cartoon character as the Indie-Country Sweet Symphony bounced out of the office speakers. Nothing previously prepared me for the combination of McEvoy’s grungy guitar, Aileen’s honeyed voice and a Hammond organ swirling around like a Kilkenny mist …… phew; it’s a stunner.
I already knew the title track True Hand, True Heart, which is a veritable Twang Fest; and this one song alone suggests that recording this album in the heart of Nashville was money well spent.
While seamlessly flitting between Alt. and Country Remedy Club appear to be well on the way to creating their own distinctive ‘sound’; with the duo sharing vocal duties on songs that best suit their strengths; with Aileen taking lead as the couple stepping tentatively into some kind of George and Tammy territory on Let The Good Times Roll; which is not only a veritable Twang Fest; but features some liquid pedal-steel too.
Another thing, which needs to be commented on is the sequencing; something that can often make or break an album; and here it’s amazing; with KJ and Aileen sharing lead duties on the thoughtful I Got You which is followed by Aileen breaking your heart on the ballad Time Waits Won’t Wait For Me; then as you try to get your breath back they crank the tempo skywards with more Indie-Country on I Survived.
Now it’s Favourite Song time; phew… this is difficult; do I go for Aileen sounding sultry to KJ’s worldly wise on the deliciously timeless ballad Taste of Gold which closes the album; or the mildly raucous Fire and Gasoline (which I now actually know all the words to the chorus)?
Both are well worthy; but I’m going to choose ………. the darkly spirited Reclaim; with Aileen using her voice as nuclear device as the music builds and builds until you expect everything to boil over; but mercifully they all pull back at the brink; leaving you with a sweat on!
For a teeny tiny Country, Ireland has produced a staggering amount of World Famous and World Class musicians over the last 100 years or so; and it’s no great stretch of the imagination for Remedy Club to be thought of as Best in Class too.

Released March 27th 2020

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