Chickenbone Slim SLEEPER

Chickenbone Slim
Lo Fi Mob Records

If The Fonz Had a Son, And That Son Had a Band ……

Chickenbone Slim is/was the nom de plume for Larry Tevez who’s 2017 album The Big Beat made it into the RMHQ Albums of 2017; but now appears to be the actual Band Name; which is no hardship at all.
As I’ve listened to that previous album over the last couple of years and again with SLEEPER, I’ve decided that Chickenbone Slim is the actual definitive Americana ‘sound’ we all stretch to describe.
How’s that? You may ask.
Well; Tevez and his bandmates sound like the type of crew who play most nights of the week in everything from Dive bars through Honky Tonks and County Fairs; whenever anyone will book them; meaning they can play the Blues one night, Country the next and full on Western Swing on Saturday; all with pretty much the same set-list; and make it all sound seamlessly authentic.
You just have to be a fan of great music to love opening track Vampire Baby, which sounds like a cross between Elvis at his sleaziest and Stray Cats ballad; with the outcome being a humdinger!
The tempo gets cranked up on the next song Tougher Than That; but the mood stays sleazy and ‘ornery; with plenty of sizzling geetar and howlin’ harmonica too.
As I alluded to earlier this sounds much more like a road-hardened band effort than the last album; with Andrew Crane on bass and Marty Dodson’s drumming often reminding me of the military precision of the Tennessee Two; especially on Ride and The Ballad of Dick; but it’s fair to say they are the spine of this fabulous disc from start to finish.
I’m out of touch with what my Rockabilly friends are into these days; but because they like Wayne the Train Hancock and JD McPherson I’m pretty sure they will love Chickenbone Slim too when he unleashes the sultry My Bad Luck and These Things Happen as well as the eminently danceable Dignity too; plus all three and a few more are well worth listening too on headphones too as Teves is quite the articulate and thoughtful songwriter too.
It’s not often I consider an instrumental as my Favourite Track, but if it wasn’t for the amazing Little Victory and ‘that’ thumping Bass line; Strolling With Chickenbone could easily have been the winner; but I can’t stop myself putting Little Victory and it’s deep lyrics actually being the Official RMHQ Favourite Song on a nigh perfect album.
There’s a little bit of something here for everyone and if you have en the tiniest ‘open mind’ ……. this album will knock your socks off.

Released March 2nd 2020

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