Sass Jordan
Rebel Moon Blues
Stony Plain

File Under: Cheap Thrills and Blues Deluxe.

With new artistes we have several ‘systems’ we use for reviewing here at RMHQ, but primarily the cover has to appeal to our eyes as if we were poring through the CD’s in a downtown record store; then that first song has to catch our attention.
Check that cover out!
Someone has sure gone out of their way to find a photo that evokes the spirit and raw power of Janis Joplin, haven’t they?
Then Track #1 Leaving Trunk is a stone cold killer! Starting with someone in the studio coughing followed by some hound dog wailing harmonica from Steve Marriner and some red hot guitar meaning I was in for the long haul 30 seconds before Sass Jordan had even sung a note …… and when she does, WOWZA ……. she not only evokes the spirit of Janis, Tina and Dame Maggie Bell; but out sings the lot of ’em too.
Sass Jordan has been around the American Rock scene for more years than her young face would have you believe; and now with those miles on the clock she’s decided to record a bonafide Blues album; and Mama; what an album it is.
There’s a clever mix of Classic songs, Sass’s favourites and a brand new song from her own pen especially for this project.
The singer really inhabits the character in her take on Willie Dixon’s My Babe; and I’d forgot what a great song Palace of The King was; and features some scintillating guitar licks from her Champagne Hookers’ Chris Caddell and Jimmy Reid.
I’m a big Rory Gallagher fan and only know his version of Too Much Alcohol; but this haunting version with Sass drawing on something really deep alongside Caddell’s soulful slide-guitar runs the Irishman a close race for Best in Show. There’s another more contemporary track in a similar vein; with Sass and Chris giving it their all on Keb Mo’s Am I Wrong; and somehow finding something new in the shadows of Mr. Moore’s words and music.
While Sass Jordan and the Champagne Hookers play it absolutely straight on Gary Moore’s Still Got The Blues; it’s something of a Masterstroke hearing a woman sing this song as if she wrote the words herself.
For my actual Favourite Song I’m torn between the Sass Jordan/D Sharp co-write The Key, which fits in perfectly well against these tried and trusted belters, with Sass slowing things down and using her smoky voice to deliver a sleazy and sexy 4 minutes of red hot Blues; and the other is One Way Out, another ‘Classic’ that was a staple of Blues albums and gigs in my youth; as it allowed the guitarists the freedom to ‘whig out’; but here Sass makes it a singers’ song; albeit with the aid of a road-honed band that never miss a single beat.
I know I should go for the new song; but Hell …… One Way Out starts where the Allman’s left off and takes a diversion via Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Mayall, but never sounding like anyone other than Sass Jordan; which is quite some feat.
Gotta love the Blues man; especially when it’s as diverse as this album; which will be your friend late at night when you are sad beyond belief and also on a sunny day and you are pressing the pedal to the metal with the car windows wound right down into the door …… it covers every eventuality.
PS….. I haven’t been sent a bottle, but to accompany this release they are also launching a new whisky via the Dixon Distillery called ….. Rebel Moon Whiskey.
What’s not to like?

Released 13th March 2020

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