A 21st Century Rock & Roll Oasis

Oh to be 15 or 17 again and listening to ROOKIE for the very first time!
All kinds of memories have been evoked on listening to this well crafted Rock n Roll album over the last few weeks.
Most of all, I remember once buying Electric Warrior by T Rex from FW Woolworths and rushing home to play it. WHAM! What a game changer that night was.
A couple of days later my bubble was burst when my elder brothers sniffily pointed out the ‘references’ that Marc Bolan had appropriated to make his fabulous music.
Jump forward 20 years or so and I did something similar to son #2 when he became infatuated with Oasis.
Sorry son.
But …… when you’re a teenager in Poughkepsie, Pittsburgh or Palmdale, who the Hell cares what the influences are for your favourite band in the whole damn world?
Dylan ripped off Woody, The Stones stole Muddy and Bo whole back catalogues while the Beatles pinched Buddy Holly’s singles wholesale …….. it’s gone on forever; get over it.
Which finally brings me back to the latest release on the fabulous Bloodshot Records label; Rookie by Rookie.
Right from the get go; they unleash a marvelous Rock and Roll stew that takes in the very best of Southern Rock, Britpop and all points in between to create a launch pad for teenage parties the world over via the stonking Hold on Tight and the crashes and bangs continue with the sleazy I Can’t Have You, But I Want You …….. both hormonal boys and girls will think this song was written for them, and them alone.
Sadly many other reviewers will get all smart arsey with this album; but you have to remember the sheer adrenaline rush you got as a teenager when great new music landed on to your turntable like something from outer space …… thankfully; I can!
In many ways Rookie are a straight up, no frills Rock & Roll bar band; but instead of sticking to tried and trusted cover songs; they have the cojonas to listen to their Dad’s Stones albums and think “We can do better than that;” and with Side of The Road and Michigan they’ve recorded two songs that trump anything Mick and Keef have written this century.
I can only imagine the thrill of being in a packed club or school gym and hearing the band blasting out Miss United States and the primal scream of E-Jam!
Where to go for a Favourite Song? I love the sheer audacity of sliding in the gorgeous acoustic ballad Elementary Blues; but Let’s Get It Right and the musclebound One Way Ticket are genuine contenders; and would be if they appeared on albums by Rookie’s peers; but I’m going for a song that will be one of my ‘Sounds of the Summer’ 2020; the timeless Sunglasses which somehow manages to sound a bit like Cheap Trick AND The Kinks at the same time; but not actually like anything either ever recorded; bizarre but true.
This is very much the music I (and my brothers and our sons) grew up listening to on National Radio; but sadly this generation have so much to choose from on the interweb; Rookie will have to depend on word of mouth referrals from ‘people who know’ to get their message across; so it’s over to you guys and gals……… buy a copy for your favourite son, daughter, nephew or niece ….. it will change their lives; and quite possibly get you a better care home in 20 years time!

Released 13th March 2020

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