Bill Blue
King of Crazy Town
Conch Town Records

Hot, Sweaty and Sultry Blues From the Florida Keys.

Who among us wouldn’t be tempted to pick up an album in the Blues section, called KING OF CRAZY TOWN?
Then I defy you to get more than a minute into opening track Do What I Say, Don’t Do What I Do before thrusting your hard earned cash towards the Sales Person!
Man oh Man …… this is a hot and sweaty kind of Blues that I haven’t heard in a long, long time.
The first three songs come thick and fast, hardly leaving you time to get your breath back, with I Want It All swinging and grooving like the ban’s lives depend on you dancin’ your ass off , and Blue’s sleazy voice is seduction personified!
You do get the opportunity to catch your breath when Bill slows things down on track #4 the sadder than sad Everybody’s Leaving Town; which is just Bill and Resonator guitar alongside Matt Backer on harmonica. recreating the Field Songs he grew up listening too.
As Bill himself says in the intro to Hunker Down; this is his ‘Hurricane’ song; and he somehow manages to recreate the ‘electric tension’ such a thing creates in a four minute song …… which is well worth hearing.
Perhaps it’s because of the gap between releases; but Bill Blue has a lot to say; and say it he does in Enough Blues to Give You The Blues and the slow and sultry Closing Time.
The title track from that last album, Mojolation gets another run out here; and it’s certainly funky enough to make me hunt out the original album.
Selecting a Favourite Track was difficult until I realised that perhaps two can become one, as the sizzling title Track King of Crazy Town leads or perhaps bleeds into Bill Blue’s tribute to the real King of the Blues; BB King with the stifling and passionate Indianola; during which I swear Bill Blue’s voice takes a tearful warble at one point.
But then again, there’s You Ain’t Fun Anymore with it’s wailing harmonica, dazzling piano and guitar interplay and of course Bill Blue replying to his long suffering wife’s accusation that he Ain’t Fun Anymore! Which is the song that really is my Favourite Track here.
And another thing; if you judge albums by the cover …….. then what you see is what you get!
Bill Blue was originally guitarist to Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Cruddup, then formed his own ensemble that toured the world until he had ‘had enough’ and needed a break; which lasted 25 years!
Thankfully he’s back …….. and following up his 2013 Comeback album 7 short years later with The King of Crazy Town ….. which he just may be.

Released March 6th 2020

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