Sister Lucille ALIVE

Sister Lucille
Endless Blue Records

Sassy, Sleazy and Even Sensitive Blues Songs for Purists and Clubbers Alike.

Without spoiling any surprises; this disc has been welded in the car stereo for three days now and may remain there until next Saturday!
Yer Blues come in many shapes and forms from basic six string Country Blues through to Stadium Fillers that can ‘noodle’ for England; but my favourites are usually Club Bands who create amazing music, best heard in an intimate setting and that’s were this quartet sit very, very comfortably indeed.
Opening track Won’t Give It is as tight as a Mash barrel, with singer Kimberley Dill taking no prisoners with both her delivery and powerful message to any possible suitors; you want her ‘love’ then you are gonna have to work for it.
This is followed by the title track Alive; with its funky guitar intro and Ms. Dill’s passionate rendition of a personal song about being re-born; which could be a metaphor …… but was actually written by her, after a year of health problems.
We hear you, Sister!
The guy who supplies all of the awe-inspiring, yet understated guitar Jamie Holdren gets his turn at the mic on See My Baby when he also plays some eye-popping slide cigar-box guitar too!
Between them and alongside an industrial strength backing from Kevin Lyons and Eric Guinn; Dill and Holdren tap into the R&B that made Tina and Van the Man famous in the 60’s, with barnstormers like 99 Pounds, Fussin’ and Fightin’ and the sizzling duet Think About You (which actually has some delightful Country undertones to it too).
Tucked away in the middle is a real sleazy Blues belter of the highest order; when Kimberley warns ‘her man’ to get his act in order or else ‘the back-door man’ will come a’ knockin’ …… Respect Your Woman, with the blistering harmonica of Eric Hughes duelling with Jamie’s guitar is a synonym for the song itself!
I’m sure when they play live Sister Lucille will slip in a few Classic Blues tunes to supplement their own articulate offerings; and here Kimberley gets to give Etta’s W.O.M.A.N a new lease of life with added sassy shimmer and sizzle.
While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any other of these songs; two songs stand out like diamonds in a coal mine.
As I write this the new James Bond theme song is taking all of the headlines; but IMHO they’ve missed a trick; because Kimberley’s sultry Devil’s Eyes, with its Bossa Nova tempo, and Holdren’s sweet Blue Note style guitar offering is worthy of such a soundtrack….
Then, from the opposite end of the musical spectrum is the dark and deeply moving final song, Lost which just about shades it as the RMHQ Favourite Song.
This finds Holdren singing from the pits of his heart on a very contemporary song about the broken world we find ourselves in today. Give it a ‘proper listen’ and you will realise that the Blues can still move you in a way no other genre can.

Released October 15th 2019

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