Odds Lane
Lost and Found
Gulf Coast Records

 Rockin’ Blues With a Neat Groove.

Not a name I have come across before, but Odds Lane have been playing live and recording since 2003. Made up of Doug Byrkit and Brian Zielie, they have a blues rock sound with a bit of a cool groove, which you just know is going to sound great in the car.
The album kicks off with a great riff and a mid paced rocker Don.t Give it Away then Seven States takes a funky turn; and by the third song – I Ain’t Missing You we are in a more traditional Blues sound, although lyrically, we are in 10cc ( ‘I’m Not In Love‘) territory; “I Ain’t missing you, no matter what my friends say” …….. aye right. 
Title track Lost And Found finds the storyteller apologising for his behavior with a loved one and wondering why she is still around to answer his calls. A ‘commercial’ even poppy sound with Summer written all over it – not the right feeling looking out my window right now in February; but those balmy nights will be soon with us. 
Hard Rain opens like a 60’s soul song brought into the modern day. A lovely guitar sound with another chugging riff on the chorus. 
I am a big fan of slide guitar and Spare Change gives us a big blast of great rocking slide all the way through this strong blues boogie. Another song that will be great in the car; but this one would be great live too. 
Next up is probably the strangest song on the album.
What’s Your Name still has the same sound, but with an unusual time signature, makes it feel like a Jazz song, but the chorus gets us back to the regular sound quickly enough. Really nicely played and I particularly like the vocals on this one.  
There is a lot going on with these guys, and although it’s a blue rock album through and through, they do cover a lot of other bases too.
A Little Too Late has a reggae riff and some great blues fill guitar, all the way through. Reminds me of Robert Cray a little bit.
Album closer White Castle Blues sounds like it was written as a ‘set closer’ for the live shows. For me it’s got a real 70’s psychedelic sound with loud guitars and an elongated  “bloooo, oooooo” chorus.
I can see everyone heading to the burger chain for food after an Odds Lane show!
Going back to track 7 on the album and my favourite track. Blood On The Van.
A ‘dark’ tail of the trials the band van goes through parked outside the house. Great vocal, some more fantastic slide playing and perfect for those summer nights with the car window down. I imagine another live fave too. 
This is Odds Lane’s 3rd album and I will definitely be checking out the other two. 

*We normally try to get album reviews up as close as possible to their release date; but in this case we will make an exception as Gulf Coast Records is the Legendary Mike Zito’s personal label; and their rosta is rather spectacular …… so we are prepared to play ‘catch up’ and bring you some pretty damn exciting new music.

Guest reviewer Chris Harrison (no relation!)

Released June 7th 2019

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