The Flyin’ A’s

Real Deal Country Flavoured Americana From Texas.

I’ve said it before many times; there is so much ‘good music’ around these days it’s becoming ever more difficult for the likes of me to choose what to write about; and also regional promoters to find slots that will give acts like The Flyin’ A’s the opportunity to strut their stuff on a stage in front of an appreciative (and paying) audience.
Which brings me to Texan couple Hilary and Stuart Adamson who describe themselves as “Original Americana with Texas grit”; and while I pretty much of agree with them; be under no other illusion ……. this is really Good Ole ‘Ornery Honky Tonkin’ Country Music at heart!
Opening track Going Crazy finds the duo alternating verses and also duetting on the chorus too; with both voices being at opposite ends of the spectrum but combining to create a rather wonderful ‘sound’ and that darn chorus will have you singing along like a teenage girl too.
Next up; Hilary takes lead on the delectable Rhyme or Reason which has more than a smidgen of Laurel Canyon in the melody; and that will come back on a few other songs too.
Then Stuart enters the fray with his tremoring world weary voice bringing the sad eyed love song She Feels Like Home into tear inducing ‘life’. Imagine a Country ‘Wonderful Tonight’ with rolling acoustic guitar; and you will know what I mean.
I listen to a lot of music; and I can honestly say that with Honky Tonkers like Heart Brakes, Nothin’ Can Stop Me Loving You and the powerful Coal Tattoo with it’s fabulously haunting fiddle and sizzling guitars; in the set; Friday night somewhere is going to be a real humdinger!
The couple’s storytelling is pure Americana; but for me their strengths lie in their ability to draw every last emotional breath out of a Country Love Song; try listening to the couple trading verses on What’s Wrong With You Loving Me? or the heart trembling Letting Go without welling up.
Just like many of their peers; there’s even room here for the quirky and light hearted House For My Dog too, without it spoiling the flow.
From the second time I played this album only one song was ever going to be my Favourite Track, as it certainly has the OOH! AAH! WOW! Factor; but one other song, Lungs certainly needs to be ‘mentioned in dispatches’; a Native American drum beat and Celtic guitar are at the heart of this breathless and claustrophobic duet that takes Americana into a whole new stratosphere.
The sang that takes the accolade of RMHQ Favourite Song is Faith and Gasoline; and straight away the Dobro intro lets you know this is going to be quite special; but how ‘special’ you don’t realise until about halfway through and; like me you will go WOW! Then immediatly stop what you’re doing and go back to the start and then move your head towards the speakers so as not to miss a word from Hilary or a note from Stuart and the band.
I don’t want to spoil the surprise; but will drop a hint that …….. remember when you found out what Independence Day was really about?
Regardless of which genre The Flyin’ A’s finally find themselves in; take it from me, they are The Real Deal.

Released February 7th 2020


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