Harry Stafford SHE JUST BLEW ME AWAY (Single)

Harry Stafford
She Just Blew Me Away
Black Lagoon Records

Well; here’s a thing. Donkey’s years ago I saw a Post-Punk band called Inca Babies a couple of times (as a support) and now; funnily enough can’t actually remember buying or even hearing any of their singles; but their name and memory lingers on.
So; jump forward to the middle of January 2020 when I received a shiny new album from their singer-guitarist Harry Stafford, called GOTHIC URBAN BLUES (Released in March) and that title really caught my attention ……. while the music; and this single in particular, sound nothing at all like what I remember from Inca Babies……. thankfully.
Watch this space in a couple of weeks for the album review; but until then enjoy SHE JUST BLEW ME AWAY as much as I have.

An album about the Metropolis, the naked city, the urban sprawl and the need to get back to the ripped back streets when you’re far away. If there are a million stories in the naked city, here are a few to keep you warm. Ahead of this, they present the lead track ‘She Just Blew Me Away’.

“She Just Blew Me Away’ is dedicated to Jim the singer, who would tell me stories of his love affairs. He would begin with. “I mean, she just blew me away”. And and how did it end? I would ask. “Ah well, she just blew me away,” says Harry Stafford.

Mixed and engineered by Ding Archer (The Fall, PJ Harvey) at his 6Db Studio in Salford, this album was co-produced by Archer and Harry Stafford.

Led by Harry Stafford, best known as founder, guitarist and vocalist of post-punk gothic rockers Inca Babies, the band’s core includes drummer Rob Haynes (The Membranes, Inca Babies), trumpeter Kevin Davy (Lamb, Cymande), guitarist Andy Mills, and Vincent O’Brien on Weisseborn slide guitar.

Formed in the early 1980s, Inca Babies released four albums and multiple singles and Peel sessions. Much of his musical career has been spent with Inca Babies, playing across Europe and the world but in 2015, after 35 years with Inca Babies, Stafford decided to release untamed solo material that echoes his love of blues piano and barroom ballads.

Released February 7th 2020.

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