Sweet Lizzy Project TECHNICOLOR

Sweet Lizzy Project
Mono Mundo Recordings/Thirty Tigers

Classy Pop via Havana and East LA.

I first heard of these guys through their connection with the Mavericks, but musically the link isn’t immediately that obvious.
The opening song TECHNICOLOR, certainly lives up to its title, with a wide sweep of sounds – orchestral, rocky guitars, sound effects,electronic and even luscious Euro pop choruses.
“Turn up the radio” sounds less like the Cuban pop I initially expected and more like Scandinavian hit factory material and the relentless indie-pop continues on the following track “Ain’t nobody to call” with its My Sharona riff. The first non-English track is the more chilled and swinging “Tu Libertad;” which wouldn’t be out of place on a Camila Cabello album.
The Mavericks make an appearance halfway through the album, on “The Flowers in the Seed” which has the trademark Raul Malo vocals and a descending chiming guitar line reminiscent of “Oh what a crying shame”. Musically there’s another swerve with “What was happening to me” which is straight up radio-friendly pop followed by a tempo drop on “These words,” which strays into Nirvana unplugged territory, with a solo that is crying out for bedroom air-guitar. “Travel to the Moon” and “Vuelta Atrás” both sound like the Cure fronted by Katzenjammer, although neither are as jarring as that might at first sound.
The album finishes reflectively with “December 31st,” a big indie-pop melancholy ballad which is just perfect for daytime radio.
As titles go, TECHNICOLOR signals its intentions well – it’s got a huge, all over the place range that’s surprisingly cohesive. Its sights are firmly set on the mass pop and radio market though, and its not likely to find a natural home amongst the roots and Americana crowd, as entertaining as it is in parts.

Guest Review by Nick Barber
Released 21 February 2020.

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