Ben Poole Trio LIVE 19

Ben Poole Trio
Live 19

Young British Blues Rocker Comes of Age on Exciting Double Live Album.

Most regular readers know of my love of The Blues in just about every format imaginable; and also my desire to promote the great and the good among British exponents to the outside world, as well as those lonely men and women who haul their guitar case across the highways and by-ways: Plymouth on a Monday night, Aberdeen on a Tuesday and then Norwich on the Wednesday.
When I first came across Ben Poole he was just on the verge of leaving the latter category and is now firmly in the former camp being both a great singer-guitarist and a good guy.
I’m not normally a lover of Live Albums; especially in this category as it wouldn’t be the first time someone I admire for filling their studio albums full of 4 and 5 minute belters get a tad self-indulgent on-stage.
But; Guitar lovers and Rockers alike can be assured that there are more than enough guitar solos here to satisfy their cravings; but song lovers like me are indulged too, with Poole’s fine penmanship probably being allowed to overshadow his marvelous fretwork on most songs; even the 8, 11, 14 and 15 minute long tracks.
It’s no surprise that most of the tracks here come from his last two albums; as it was recorded in July 2019; but there are a couple of juicy oldies tucked away for the long serving fraternity.
Following a very brief intro the band get off to a growling start with Take It No More and already you know you are in for a treat.
Being a Live Album there’s a glorious rawness to many songs; with a personal favourite Win You Over now maturing like a fine wine and Found Out The Hard Way somehow seems even more intimate than the album version, to me.
Start The Car; from the same album really finds drummer extraordinaire Wayne Procter and bassist Steve Amadeo on fine form as Poole sings as if his heart could break at any moment.
That powerhouse duo are the spine that allows the singer-guitarist go meandering on Anytime You Need Me and Time Might Never Come which close the set; coming in at just shy of half an hour when played together; but even I haven’t got bored listening to them (yet).
Another elongated song is the exquisite cover of Have You Ever Loved a Woman; and I swear there’s not a wasted note from any of the trio in the 11 and a half minutes of transcendental Blues-Soul which builds and builds to a crashingly luxurious ending that had even me head-banging in the car!
Where to go for an actual Favourite Song?
Further On Down The Line is a doozy; as is his take on Jeff Healey’s I Think I Love You Too Much; which is another song Poole has allowed to grow and develop over the years; and Dirty Laundry now sounds like it’s fast becoming his Trademark song; but I’m going for Don’t Cry For Me; where the band come together as one and for me; it’s Poole’s finest vocal performance across two glorious albums of quality British Blues Rock that will not just surprise but impress American Blues fans (and promoters?)
The album was recorded over three nights in July 2019 at the Old Schoolhouse in Barnsley, The Half Moon in South London and Bootleggers in Kendal, Cumbria.

Released January 31st 2020
Pre-Order here

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