Tami Neilson CHICKABOOM!

Tami Nielsen
Outside Music

Dynamic Next Step in an Exciting and Colourful Career.

A colourful and dynamic live performer, the challenge for Tami Neilson is to encapsulate that vivacity in the recorded medium.
Opener “Call your mama” is a song that wouldn’t sound amiss performed by the Cramps, although here the production is much more mainstream and shows off Tami’s Wanda Jackson-esque pipes nicely.
“Hey Bus Driver!” and “Ten Truck” are united in their transport fetishism – again the production focuses on highlighting the vocals, which leaves the backing lacking in a scuzzy or extravagant edge that the songs might have benefited from.
“You were mine” delights in a twangy and spacey sound and this is complemented by a howling vocal that really lifts it. This convergence of instrumental and vocal aggression in the production shines again in “16 Miles of Chain” and “Tell me that you love me”.
“Any fool with a heart” is a lovely tune, but the production doesn’t seem to know whether to focus on the harmonies or the rhythm guitar. (personally, I’d have gone for the harmonies.)
“Sister Mavis” is a name-check song that has the kind of call and response suited for the live arena, but sounds a bit repetitive in recorded form.
The album closes with “Sleep”, where the vocal/instrumental balance really works to best effect.
Overall, an album best played loud to get the best of it.

Guest Review by Nick Barber
Released 14th February 2020

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